Small Project Team or Capital Projects?

Unsure whether your project should be performed by Facilities Services or Capital Projects? 

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As a rule of thumb, Facilities Services project manages small to mid-size projects, not exceeding $100,000. Services may include development, design, planning, and scheduling.  Examples of these projects include minor remodels, as well as small projects designed to improve, repair, or enhance existing campus work environments or systems.

Capital Programs provides project management services to those embarking on campus renovation or construction projects. A variety of people and skills are required to start a project and bring it to a successful completion. Planners, designers, administrators, contractors, inspectors, and others work together to meet the needs of UCSF clients. In its role as customer liaison, Capital Programs enables these professionals to keep the client’s requirements as the primary objective during each phase of a project.

Please reference the table below for further clarification:

Type of Work
Capital Projects
Window Replacement
Window Washing
Seismic Bracing
Installation of TV displays & whiteboards
Signage & Nameplates
Data Cabling Installation
Tenant Improvements
Sewer Repair
In-house Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Design
Emergency Restoration
Roof Repairs
State Fire Marshal Permit Process
Rooftop support for cellular antennas (1)
Major HVAC Improvements
Entire Floor Remodels
Utility Relocation
Bldg. Demolition - Decant
Upgrading Bldg Mgmt Systems
Bldg Seismic Retrofits
ADA Ramps, Retrofits (2)
HVAC equipment replacement (3)
New Bldg Construction

(1) For rooftop support, depending on the scope, Facilities Services will coordinate with Capital Programs and/or initiate projects to be handed off to Capital Programs.
(2) For ADA retrofits, Facilities Services will do specific location retrofits, whereas Capital Programs performs building or campus wide ADA retrofits.
(3) For HVAC replacement, Facilities Services performs “In kind” HVAC replacement.  HVAC changes in size or function are performed by Capital Programs.