Work Orders

For chargeable services, the Customer Service Center (CSC) staff will initiate a work order. When service is requested that is not covered by Facilities Services, a six-digit blanket account number or an allowable recharge chart of accounts string is required.

When contacting the CSC, customers can facilitate the process by providing as much of the following
information as possible:

    •  A precise description of the request/problem
    •  Name of building or address
    •  Official department name
    •  Room number or location
    •  First and last name and phone number of site contact person
    •  A chart of accounts number, if applicable
    •  Whether or not this is a sensitive area, such as an animal room or BSL facility

Prioritization of Orders

The CSC prioritizes orders for the following response times:

Priority 1
Addressed immediately to ensure safety or preserve work product or facilities. For example: flooding, resetting a circuit breaker, or adjusting temperature control in an animal care or research area.

Priority 2
Contact made in 24 hours with work completed within 3 to 5 days, or negotiated. For example: repairing a broken water fountain or adjusting a door hinge in a classroom.

Priority 3
Contact made in 3 to 5 days with work to be scheduled as negotiated and subject to reprioritization. For example: replacing a light bulb in a non-critical area or repairing window treatments. All estimate requests are categorized as a Priority 3.


How A Service Request Is Processed

1. The customer submits a service request directly to the Customer Service Center.

2. The Customer Service Center staff analyzes the job and determine:

      •  whether the work is funded by Facilities Services or will be billed to the customer/requestor
      •  type of work required (craft, project management, etc.)
      •  prioritization of the job

3. The CSC sends an e-mail confirmation to the customer with an FS-determined priority of 1, 2, or 3 and the assigned order number for future reference. This number is also listed online in the customer’s FMTrack account.

4. For Priority 1 orders, the order is assigned to the appropriate Facilities Services unit, and the CSC staff personally contacts the appropriate job manager by radio, phone, or e-mail.

5. For Priority 2 and 3 orders, the job is assigned to the appropriate Facilities Services unit and the appropriate job manager reviews the order, assigns it to FS staff or outside vendors and notifies the customer of when the work will be done.

6. If an estimate is required, the CSC staff will forward the work order to the appropriate job manager. Customers are asked to approve any estimate specifications. If the scope of the work changes once the estimate is approved and recorded, a “change order” must be initiated through the job manager to modify the original scope. A change order will impact the existing estimated costs.

7. An e-mail notification will be sent to the customer when the job has been completed.

8. After the work has been completed, an e-mail will be sent to the customer requesting them to fill out Facilities Services’ online customer service survey.