Costs and Billing

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Billable and Non-Billable Services

Facilities Services receives funding to provide maintenance in eligible state-supported areas. State-supported areas, equipment, and facilities are those that are utilized by the general public and are not assigned to, occupied by, or dedicated to a specific department. Please review the list of maintenance services funded by FS and maintenance services that are not state funded and therefore chargeable to the customer. Note: List of billable and non-billable services is not comprehensive.

Recharge Rates

Monthly billings include material and labor charges associated with the performance of work by FS crafts people or outside contractors. For work performed by in-house personnel, the charges (to the nearest quarter hour) are based on the established recharge rates. FS rate development methodologies and recharge rates are approved by the UCSF Budget and Resource Management office, as required by campus policy. Please review the current year’s Recharge Rates (July 2021 - June 2022).


Estimates are provided on a recharge basis, for a fee of $55. This recharge is waived if the customer chooses to proceed with the work requested. Facilities Services provides up to one hour of craft time for providing an estimate to a customer. Beyond this threshold level of one hour of craft time, FS will recharge time and materials for estimates. Any costs beyond FS staff time such as consultant fees, professional service fees, and any operational costs related to obtaining the estimate are charged to the customer. Estimates are provided as a ‘priority 3’ work request and can be requested on a work order. Written estimates take about two weeks to receive.

Billing Statements

Facilities Services bills monthly for services performed through work orders and for those performed under a departmental blanket service agreement. FS also bills for maintenance and operating services provided to non-state-supported campus activities. Statements are prepared and distributed to customers after the close of business each month. For work that FS contracts out to a vendor, there is a contract administration fee. There is also an administration fee for materials furnished by FS. These fees include overhead costs such as accounting services, code compliance oversight, and contract execution and management. Customers can also look up their FS recharge statements online.