Utility Shutdowns

Shutdown Requests and MOP Forms


Parnassus Campus: Parnassus Facilities Shutdown Request and MOP

Mission Bay Campus:  Mission Bay Shutdown Request and MOP

•  Submit a completed shutdown request and MOP form at least (2) weeks prior to the actual shutdown date. This allows time for UCSF facilities trades and engineers to provide investigation for impact, to plan, and to communicate with occupants. Any uncompleted shutdown request and/or MOP may delay your request further.

•  For new projects, please send digital copy of prints to the shutdown coordinator and provide a 3/4 size hardcopy.

•  For shutdowns with a much larger impact, such as buss riser shutdowns, please submit your request and MOP at least (6) weeks prior to the target shutdown date.

•  Please submit a revised MOP if the timeframe/duration of the shutdown and/or procedures, description, and steps are modified, added, or omitted. This will help all involved parties, facilities managers, and chief engineers keep afloat of the shutdown scope of work and its details.

•  Any hot work also requires a shutdown request/MOP with fire marshal approval.  For hot work permit form for construction, please submit completed form to the Fire Marshal Office: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Parnassus & Mission Bay Shutdown Process

Parnassus Shutdowns
For Parnassus Shutdowns, please review the Parnassus Shutdown Request Process.

Mission Bay Shutdowns
For Mission Bay shutdowns, please review the Mission Bay Shutdown Request Process and the Lock-out / Tag-out (LOTO) Contractor Policies.


General Shutdown Protocol


• Contact our facilities engineers before and after the shutdown.

            Parnassus: Central Utilities Plant (CUP) at 415.476.4066

            Mission Bay: MB Engineers 415.514.4318

• Do not walk off the site until the shutdown is completed and Facilities is properly notified.

• Only UCSF Facilities Staff can isolate equipment. A group lockout / tagout will be used to ensure that equipment is not energized without approval from both parties

• No unauthorized utility shut downs or electrical panel access: Contractors should never have access to UCSF subpanels, main electrical distribution MCC, and feeder panels without the knowledge and assistance of a UCSF Engineer or electrician.


Contractor Access


• Any work performed on building systems (electrical, plumbing and ventilation, etc.) by contractors requires advance approval from senior management in Facilities Services and/or Capital Programs in conjunction with Facilities Services for CP projects. See Campus Administrative Policies

• Contractor access requests should be made in advance, and include authorization from CP’s PM assigned to the project and funding via Maximo the FS support service’s needs.  The correct Maximo Facilities Services project support work order number with PM authorization noting work description, suggested calendared times, dates, and contractor/subcontractor contact information who are being given authorization for access to work back of house must be included with Maximo requests. 

• Our 24/7 Campus Engineers providing access will ask contractors about their work plans,  before giving access and the ok to proceed.  If there has been no advance requests, and the work is not calendared, contractor will be asked to come back another time with the proper authorization, and advance planning.  Engineers need to know set up plans, work plans, and any possible adverse impacts the work may have to infrastructure and/or customer functions and equipment.  Engineers must have a clear understanding of all phases of the work before allowing contractors to proceed.  At the conclusion of the work, contractor should contact engineer before leaving,  and state that they are finished with that day’s work and ready for review of work area for cleanup and safety provisions, as they close out for their work.


Fire Watch

•  All fire sprinkler/systems shutdowns/work will need to be approved by fire team superintendent, Raj Bhakta.

•  Per UCSF Fire Marshal’s office, any fire sprinkler shutdowns that exceed 4 hours will require:

  1) Fire Watch 
  2) Disabled Fire Protection System Fire Watch Application Request
  3) Approval from the fire marshal

•  Please route Fire Watch application requests to Brittenne Boykin and Lecha Price.
•  The assigned Fire Watch can have no other task or duties outside of the Fire Watch, including responding to other campus urgent needs.


Shutdown Coordinator Contact

Please email your inquiries and/or submit the completed form(s) to the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Contact the shutdown coordinator, if the shutdown is cancelled, the schedule of the shutdown changes, or the scope of work is altered. 

• If you would like to attend one of the weekly shutdown meetings to briefly discuss projects or shutdowns. Please provide sufficient notification, should preparation/investigation be required for an effective discussion.