Siham Bajjalieh, UCSF Custodian

Thinking of a custodial project?
Rough Pricing Guide (Labor charges applicable only)

Carpet Cleaning/Shampooone - two hours
High Cleanone – two hours
Event Setup Services (small to medium sized events)30 mins – one hour

*Price ranges are based on previous jobs and should only be used as a guide. Other variables may increase or decrease the actual cost of the job. Formal estimates can always be provided when requested.*

**High clean consists of dusting ledges, window sill areas, desk/cabinets (if clear and no items in the way), ceiling/wall dusting, vacuum floors/mop floors, and trash removal**

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Cleanliness and safety are important for everyone at UCSF. From routine cleaning to helping you set up and break down your next event, Facilities Services has got you covered.

Billable and Non-Billable Custodial Services

Biohazardous Materials

Boxes and Broken Glassware

Custodial Services Frequencies

Event Set-Ups

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