Mike Martin, UCSF Electrician


Need an outlet fixed or help with other electrical issues? We’ll wire it up and get you plugged in properly. Electrical services include installation, repair, and maintenance of the following:


Facilities-Funded Services*

Rechargeable Services

• Ballast replacement (facility lighting)
• Circuit breaker resets, repair or replacement
• Electrical distribution repair
• Emergency generator and circuit service serving state supportable spaces
• Emergency lighting • Facility fixture cleaning and relamping
• Building facility lighting control systems
• Handicap door access controls
• Fume Hood lighting

• Lighting requests for services above baseline
• Additional outlets and circuit requests
• Cord replacement and/or repair
• Desk lamps and relamping
• Departmental display case lighting installation, repair, and relamping • Intercom repairs and installation
• Department-owned equipment installation and hook-up
• Temporary power installations
• Special lighting requests such as UV lamps, dark room lamps
• Maintenance and repair of departmental power conditioners and emergency power systems
• Maintenance and repair of dedicated departmental equipment and appliances
• More than two circuit breaker resets due to customer equipment overloading circuits

**Note: This list is not exhaustive and only includes some of the most common service requests. Facilities-funded services only apply to state-supported spaces and do not apply to leased buildings

Thinking of an electrical project?
Rough Pricing Guide

New ConstructionAdding a circuit for a new freezer because there is no other power near the space.$1800-$4000 depending on permitting and engineering requirements.
Modification of Existing CircuitsExtending a receptacle (outlet) along a wall for convenience not dedicated for equipment$200-$800 depending on the location and condition of existing wiring


*Price ranges are based on previous jobs and should only be used as a guide. Other variables may increase or decrease the actual cost of the job. Formal estimates can always be provided when requested.

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