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Published on July 29, 2020

Marco Sanchez, UCSF Documents & Media

Welcome to our Facilities Services Virtual Training and Development Resources page! We are committed to all of our employee’s ongoing development even in the age of COVID-19. Below you will see various trainings and resources to help in your search for development. This page will evolve over time and please let us know of any suggestions you may have. Once you have identified courses you wish to take, make sure you place it on your Career Development Plan and talk to your supervisor for next steps! If you still need to fill out a CDP, you may find a blank one at Inside CLS.


Security Industry Association - Security Project Management Training Seminars (cost)
Certified Security Project Manager Certification (CSPM) (cost)



EZMax Mobile (no cost)
HBS Timesheet (no cost)
Maximo (no cost)

America To Go (Food/beverage ordering) (no cost)
Bearbuy (no cost)
Communication: Staying connected and communicating as a team (no cost)
Customer Service skills (no cost)
Etiquette: Becoming more professional through business etiquette e-course (no cost)
Etiquette: Email Etiquette (no cost)
Etiquette: Phone Etiquette (no cost)
Microsoft Excel Advanced Virtual Workshop (no cost)
Microsoft Excel Beginner Virtual Workshop (no cost)
Microsoft Office 365 Vimeo Channel by UCSF IT Communications (no cost)
Microsoft Outlook Virtual Workshop (no cost)
Microsoft PowerPoint Virtual Workshop (no cost)
Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks e-Course Series (no cost)
Mini Form Contracts (no cost)
Purchase Orders (no cost)
Service Request (no cost)
Smartsheet Basics (no cost)
Time Management Tips Article (no cost)
U-Accounts (no cost)
Work Orders (no cost)
Writing: Get to the Point Business Writing Virtual Workshop (no cost)
Writing: Write Right Business Writing Virtual Workshop (no cost)



New Custodian Onboard SOP Training – Cleaning Different Spaces, In-house. (no cost)
COVID-19 SOP Training, In-house/EH&S. (no cost)
COVID-19 PPE Training, In-house/EH&S. (no cost)



Employees will be notified for the trainings listed below. New employees or staff who want to be added to these trainings, should contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

FEMA training is required for the following groups:

* Staff required to take FEMA IS-100 & FEMA IS-200 includes Trades Supervisors, Chief Engineers, and Assistant Chief Engineers.
* Staff required to take all FEMA courses includes Facilities Leadership Team, Infrastructure Team, Facilities Managers, Facilities Project Coordinators, Custodial Leadership Team and AC&SS COE.

One staff has completed the FEMA training, please email Kate Shimshock either the email of completion with the certificate link or a PDF copy of the certificate for the training Email to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

FEMA IS-100.C: Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 100.

FEMA IS-200.C: Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response.

FEMA IS-700.B: An Introduction to the National Incident Management System.

FEMA IS-800.D: National Response Framework, An Introduction.

Training is required for the following groups (both front line workers & supervisors): Parnassus Trades, Fire Life Team, AC&SS West (and a few East employees), Parnassus engineers, Laurel Heights engineers, Mt. Zion Engineers, MCB engineers and a few Mission Bay engineers that work in outlying areas.

Asbestos Class III Initial - Required one time 16-hour course for new employees or who had a break refreshing certifications.

* This 16-hour course (OSHA Class III) is required, at a minimum, for all service workers (maintenance and custodial staff) whose jobs may require them to disturb small amounts of asbestos during routine or emergency maintenance-related work. If the anticipated work is either not maintenance related (such as renovation, new system tie-ins, etc.) or not able to be contained in a single, standard sized glove bag or waste bag, then AHERA accredited courses will be necessary.

* In this two day course workers will cover regulations regarding this type of limited asbestos-related work, history, and uses of asbestos materials in buildings, potential health effects, personal protection, engineering controls and response actions, and methodologies for abatement and disturbance during routine maintenance activities.

Asbestos Class III Refresher- 4 hour annual refresher. - Annual refresher training for OSHA asbestos operations and maintenance worker activity includes a review of topics originally presented in the initial course. This course features new industry developments, regulatory updates and state-of-the-art work practices.

Classes are scheduled every fall. Any new employees are scheduled one-offs.



Asbestos Class III Certifications
All Staff
No Cost

Fire Alarm Technicians and Supervisor
EST-3 Certification Course
Fireworks Certification Network
Edwards i064 ILT

Fire Alarm Inspectors
EST3 System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Certifications
Sprinkler System Training

For more details on the above training courses, visit Edwards Learning Center.

Fire Extinguisher
Assigned staff
UC Davis
No cost

Fire Prevention Plan
All staff
No cost

Fire Protection - Fixed Extinguishing Systems and Standpipe & Hose Systems

Assigned staff
No Cost

Fire Protection Systems Training Certification

Protecting Indoor Workplaces from Wildfire Smoke with Building Ventilation Systems and Other Methods
Assigned staff
In-house / PG&E
No Cost


Certification Costs Vary

Forklift Certification
Landscape Industry Certification
Landscape Industry Certification – Horticulturist
Landscape Industry Certification – Indoor
Irrigation Certification - EPA
Chainsaw Certification
Bobcat Certification
Tree & Birds Training

Volunteers Crew Leader Training
Stump Grinding Certification – Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)
Wood Chipper Certification – Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)
Crew Leader Certification
Landscape Industry Nursery Technician
Electrical Awareness Near Trees
Forest Garden Training Certification (FGTC) - APMG International
Certified Tree Inspector (NACHI)
Chainsaw Certification
Bobcat Certification
Tree & Birds Training

QAL Certification
Rodent Academy
Pesticide Advisor License
UC Agriculture & Natural Resources Statewide IPM Program
Integrated Pest Management System (IPM)
Pest Control - Vendor (cost)

QAL Certification
Arborist Certification & Tree Risk Assessor
NAFPA Wildlife Certification

LEAN (i.e., White & Yellow Belt Training): In House/PMO (cost)
CLS Leadership Development Program: In House (cost)
Fall Protection: In House/EH&S (no cost)
Vehicle Defensive Driving : Vendor (cost)




Coursera (no cost)
Career and Professional Development, CLS Development and Training Webpage (no cost)
edX (no cost)
Ergonomics: Health Ergonomics website – Recommendations and Tips for Telecommuting (no cost)
Ergonomics: Campus Ergonomics & Human Factors Website (no cost)
Ergonomics: Campus Ergonomics for Longer Term Remote Work e-Course (no cost)
Future of Work: 13 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Forever Change the Way We Work (no cost)
Future of Work: What If Working From Home Goes on … Forever? (no cost)
The Great Courses Plus (no cost/cost)
Harvard Business Review online (no cost/cost)
Harvard University (no cost/cost)
Khan Academy (no cost/cost)
Leading: ABC’s of Leading at UCSF Today for Managers and Supervisors (no cost)
Leading the Frontline Series Virtual Series (no cost)
Lean Training / Kaizen Workshops (cost)
LinkedIn: Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn Webinar (no cost)
LinkedIn Learning for UCSF (formerly (no cost)
Management Practice Series (MPS) Virtual Series (no cost)
Manager and Employee Development Toolbox (no cost)
Masterclass (cost)
My Career Journey at UCSF by LaMisha Hill – Lecture (no cost)
My UC Career (no cost)
OpenLearn (no cost)
Professional Staff Development (PSD) Virtual Workshop Series (no cost)
Remote Work: The Remarkable Remote Worker for Managers Virtual Workshop (no cost)
Remote Work: The Remarkable Remote Worker for Non-Managers Virtual Workshop (no cost)
Remote Work: 8 Tips to Make Working at Home Work for You - Podcast (no cost)
Remote Work: 20 Online Energizers For Virtual Teams And Remote Meetings (no cost)
Remote Work: Remote Work Trends to Guide High Performance During COVID-19 (no cost)
Remote Work: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success (no cost)
Remote Work: The Reason Zoom Calls Drain Your Energy (no cost)
Remote Work/Family: Remote Working 2.0: Balancing Work and Family during the Coronavirus Pandemic (no cost)
Remote Work/Family: Parenting in a Pandemic: Tips to Keep the Calm at Home (no cost)
Six Sigma Training (cost)
Skillsoft (no cost)
Stanford University (no cost)
Take Charge of Your Success Webinar (no cost)
TED Talks (no cost)
Toastmasters International (UC OraclesToastmasters for Health, or Toast of the Mission) (cost)
UC Career Tracks webpage (no cost)
UC Learning Center (no cost)
UC Manager Effectiveness Online Certificate (no cost)
UC Path Training (no cost)
UC People Management Series and Certificate (no cost)
UCSF Health and Campus COVID-19 Response Town Hall (no cost)
UC Staff Effectiveness Online Certificate (no cost)
UCSF Administrative Management Professionals membership (cost)
Wellbeing: B-Well Together: Wellbeing Breaks (no cost)
Wellbeing: Do I Have ‘Cabin Fever?’ What It Is, How to ‘Cure’ It (no cost)
Wellbeing: How to Cope with That “Always-On” Feeling (no cost)
Wellbeing: How to Manage the Loneliness and Isolation of Remote Workers (no cost)
Wellbeing: The Pandemic Is Messing With Our Concept of Time (no cost)
Wellness Webinars hosted by UCSF Campus Life Services: Importance of Exercise During Shelter-in-Place, Laughter Yoga, Mindfulness Webinar, Nutrition: How to See Food Like a Dietitian, Self-Care Acupressure, Stretch Clinic: Foam Rolling (cost)
Zoom: Learning Zoom e-course (no cost)


Professional Development

Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) (cost)
CalRecycle- Public Meeting Webcasts (cost)



Asbestos Class III/Refresher Certifications. All Staff. Vendor/CalInc. (No Cost)