Lab Services Initiative

Published on August 27, 2019


The Lab Services Initiative is a new branch of Facilities Services dedicated to comprehensively supporting lab equipment and space. Launched in 2019, Facilities initiated a campus wide review of lab equipment corridors to better understand lab equipment support needs and to improve UCSF’s business continuity planning. The review focused on evaluating three support areas: seismic bracing, back-up or E-power availability, and freezer monitoring. The Lab Services Program supports all UCSF Campus Facilities maintained and operated locations including ZSFG.

After evaluating each lab research space throughout campus, Facilities Managers were able to document each location. The information highlights the various buildings and access to E-power, seismic bracing and freezer monitoring. Results of the evaluation of each building are provided below.

East Campus

West Campus

Lab Services Presentation Summer 2020
Lab Services Presentation 2019
Town Hall Recording October 2020