Customer Service Culture

By Bryan Garza on March 16, 2017


FS Managers & Supervisors 

  ·      This video is required training for FS employees
  ·      Managers and supervisors need to schedule time to show the video and discuss with their staff
  ·      Managers and supervisors MUST notify Joyce of the schedules and send confirmation of completion
  ·      Please provide a sign-in sheet at each training to be completed and kept/filed in each unit
  ·      The video is 15 minutes long, so the training should take one-hour or less

Who’s Who in the Zoo Quiz 

  Designed by Paula Mulford & Assoc., “Who’s Who in the Zoo” is about relationships & the way people communicate. 
  Paula has given CLS staff permission to use her material for the purposes of teaching this content to CLS staff.

  QUIZ (Beta for CLS)
  1. Fill out the survey quickly (Follow your gut instinct)
  2. Answer the questions based on your traits at UCSF
  3. See your results after clicking “submit” 
  4. Email yourself the results (Optional)

  Quiz Link:

UCSF Physical Work Environment Customer Satisfaction Results