Campus First Impressions Contest Enhances UCSF

Published on January 09, 2019


In 2018, a 14-member committee chose 12 winners from a list of 50 campus submissions for the second annual Facilities Services Campus First Impressions Contest. Those projects have made an immediate difference around UCSF.

Each of the winning projects received up to $10,000 to upgrade the space. The contest was open to students, staff and faculty. Projects were judged on their overall campus impact and feasibility. They were limited to public spaced that would make a significant first impression on students, staff, faculty and visitors.

“Similar to the 2017 contest, the campus response to the 2018 contest was amazing,” said Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services, Jon Giacomi. “The committee chose projects that will have a real impact around UCSF.”

Here is a review of the 2018 Campus First Impressions Contest projects.

1). Millberry Union G Level

The toothpaste colored walls are gone at the entrance to the Transportation Services and WE I.D. offices on the G-Level of Millberry Union. The project was chosen because it is the first impression new employees get when they initially visit Transportation Services and the WE I.D. Office. In addition to the freshly painted hallways and employee restrooms, the carpets were cleaned to give the entire area a bright clean look.

Updated Hallway in Parnassus

Restrooms in MU

2). MU West Stairwells B1 - P8

The staff at Student Health and Counseling Services have long wanted to improve the Millberry Union West stairwell from B1 to P8 to make it more inviting for students, faculty, and staff who access parking, Student Health and Counseling, the WE I.D. Office, and Transportation Services. Improvements included painting the elevator lobby a lighter color to help reflect off the walls. The stairwell floor was also painted and recoated to brighten the space.

A splash of color in the P8 hallway

Stairway to Level P8

3). School of Nursing Lounge N427

Student Iva Petrovchich and the Associated Students of the School of Nursing student-leaders requested new lockers, some plants, and artwork to make the lounge more inviting. Facilities Manager Patrick Borg worked directly with the students to make sure the final upgrades met their needs.

Updated School of Nursing breakroom

New lockers and bookcases at student lounge.

4). School of Nursing Hallways

Adding some pizzaz to the School of Nursing hallways was a project submitted by Michele Keating, a project analyst in the school. Because the hallways are essentially gateways for students, faculty, staff and guests, Keating felt their dreary look needed to be updated. “Having a splash of color, some benches for seating, and adding plants will truly welcome people to the School of Nursing,” she said. Facilities Manager Patrick Borg led the project which resulted in brightly colored walls, plants, and benches to create a more welcoming environment.

Color in the School of Nursing

Freshly painted SON hallways

5). UCSF Dental Center Student Clinic Waiting Room

The team at the School of Dentistry Student Clinic is all smiles after the second floor waiting room was modernized as part of this year’s First Impressions Contest. The clinic sees approximately 45,000 patient visits annually and the staff wanted to create a warm and inviting environment in the entry area by making minor repairs, touching up the paint, and adding some accent walls. Facilities Services partnered with Dentistry to pay for the improvements while Facilities Manager Patrick Borg helped turned their vision into reality.

Dental Clinic Waiting Room

Waiting Area

6). UCSF Dental Center’s Parnassus Building Lobby/Entrance

Melissa Telli, director of marketing & strategic relations for the UCSF School of Dentistry, proposed updating the lobby/entrance to the UCSF Dental Center’s Parnassus location. Facilities Services partnered with the School of Dentistry to pay for the improvements. “Because the building is so busy, I thought it would maximize the impact of the First Impressions dollars,” she said. The building receives more than 95,000 patient visits annually. “The entryway was chosen because it is what our patients first encounter when they show up for appointments, we want it to look as nice as possible.”

Landscaping at Dental Clinic Entry

7). Health Sciences East/West Lactation Room Upgrades

Shikha Sharma and Caroline Wick submitted the project because they wanted to see the aged flooring, stained carpet, and damaged baseboards replaced. Wick, coordinator for the UCSF Lactation Program, said Facilities Manager Oswaldo Robelo did an excellent job with the upgrades. Five lactation rooms in Health Sciences West and Health Sciences East were modernized, creating a comfortable and healthy space for working mothers.

Improved Lactation Room

8). Entrance to Aldea San Miguel

The Aldea San Miguel entrance to the UCSF campus had needed some love for a long time. It is a main gateway to campus for visitors to the Chancellor’s House, the Mount Sutro Stewards and their garden nursery, and community members who hike, bike and walk their dogs on Mount Sutro. Staff at Housing Services submitted the project in this year’s First Impressions contest. Workers from Brightview Landscaping installed new pavers and decorative plants while the brass lettering on the wall was polished. New lighting was also installed to improve the entry.

Updated entry to Aldea San Miguel

9). UCSF Dental Center Buchanan Clinic Entrys

The staff at the UCSF Dental Center’s Buchanan Clinic had long hoped the entry to the building could be improved. Now, the entry has a new coat of paint and anti-graffit coating thanks to the annual Facilities Services Campus First Impressions Contest. “The brightened pathway reinvigorates the building for occupants and neighbors alike,” said Project Coordinator/Interim Facilities Manager, Lucia Ling. “We will follow-up with power washing and new planters in the coming months.”

The entryway to the Buchanan Dental Center.

10). Mission Center Building Lobby

Employees at the Mission Center Building have long wanted to upgrade the building’s main lobby. “It’s the first impression many visitors and employees have of UCSF,” said Cathleen Stugard of Campus Life Services. Facilities Manager Lucia Ling is working with MCB employees on several design options that will transform the lobby into a more welcoming space.

MCB employees celebrate the revitalization of the MCB lobby

11). Mission Center Building Fifth Floor Common Area

Kelly Graff, Mara Fellouris, and Jennifer Lo wanted to create a more welcoming atmosphere for UCSF’s new employees when they visit the fifth floor of the Mission Center Building. Fellouris said most UCSF employees visit the fifth floor of the MCB on their first day for Human Resources training. “We feel like upgrading the area will enhance campus life and help set the tone for new employees,” she said. Facilities Managers Lucia Ling and Jessica DiMartino are currently working with contractors to repaint the primary fifth floor restrooms and break room, add new signage, and provide new furniture for the break room.

MCB Fifth Floor

12). Mission Bay WEID Station

Zayda Bonilla of the UCSF Police wanted to provide a good first impression to new employees when they came to the Mission Bay WEID Office so she asked if the office could be improved under the First Impressions Contest. “Our office is the first impression of UCSF for students, staff, faculty and visitors who need to obtain UCSF ID cards and fingerprinting,” she said. “It’s important that they have a good first impression.” Facilities Manager Dan Rorvik worked with Bonilla to transform the office. “It’s easier to take photographs with the new background wall and the entire space is more functional,” Bonilla said.

Accent wall in WEID Office

Remodeled WE I.D. Office

Coming Soon: First Impressions 2019!

Facilities Services will launch the 2019 First Impressions Contest on Feb. 4. We encourage UCSF students, staff and faculty to submit projects for this year’s contest. Good luck!