Building Signage for COVID-19

Published on May 15, 2020


Due to COVID-19, we have new protocols to follow while working/studying in UCSF space. To help navigate this new environment, Facilities Services has professionally printed and installed signage in most common/public areas. The signs were designed by the team at Documents & Media and the Campus Life Services Marketing.

For your convenience, we have created a series of signage templates that can be downloaded and printed from your local printer and placed in your immediate area. If you would like professionally printed signage for your immediate areas, please see the “How to Order Signage” section below.

Downloadable Signage

Sign requiring people to wear a face cover.
1. Variety Pack of Signs (5 signs)
Click to download variety pack
2. Refrigerator, Cubicle, Microwave (3 signs)
Click to download fridge sign.
Click to download cubicle sign.
Click to download microwave sign.
3. Safety Protocols Signage (11x17) Click to download.
4. Physical Distancing Signage (8.5x11) Click to download.

How to Order Signage

CAMPUS: To place an order of professionally printed signage for CAMPUS, please fill out a service request.

UCSF HEALTH: To place an order of professionally printed signage for UCSF Health, please use the MCSS Help Desk at, and submit a ticket under “Signage and Wayfinding.”

Types of Signs Hand washing sign.
Safety Protocol Signage (11x17)
Includes the five reminders of maintaining physical distance, washing your hands frequently, wearing appropriate face cover over nose and mouth, completing health screening and swiping UCSF ID badge. Printed on gloss paper. Click to preview.

Restroom Signage
Each sticker is 4.25 x 5.5 and is meant to be placed on a restroom mirror in the lower right corner. Click to preview.

Physical Distancing Signage (8.5x11)
Includes all requirements of social distancing. Printed on gloss paper. Click to preview.

Max Capacity Signage Sign dictating max capacity.
Each sticker is 6x9 and is meant to be placed in spaces such as conference rooms, kitchens, or other common areas where people congregate.
Note: A Facilities Manager will be required in order to safely calculate how many people can be allowed inside each room. Click to preview.

Floor Marker Orders $7 each
Facilities Services at Campus and Health have placed floor markers to help facilitate physical distancing in high-traffic areas or places where lines may form. The suite of markers contains two versions meant to be installed in succession as shown below.

Floor dot stickers dictating physical distancing.

The specifications are as follows:

• Made of vinyl slip resistance material and floor laminated.
• Material will withstand traffic and cleaning.
• Made for indoor use, including tile, sealed concrete, terrazzo, ceramic and finished wood, carpet.
• Size: 12".
• This is safe for any flooring/carpet other than concrete. Specs: 12".

If you would like to place an order for any of these items for your immediate area, please submit a service request.