DM WebPay Printing Account

For UCSF Users (Students, Faculty, and Staff):

Please DO NOT “Create Account” on the following login page accessed with the link shown toward the bottom of this page.

If you have a UCSF email address DO NOT “Create Account”.  There is no need to create a new account.

Just simply login. 

Please use your standard assigned AD login name and password.

Typically, lastnameFirstinitial or firstinitialLastname (e.g.: jsmith or smithj) but there are exceptions.

If you need help with your domain account then please call 4-4100 or visit ServiceNow.

For PUBLIC Users:

Since you do not have a UCSF email account, you will need to go to “Create Account”. Please create a username that is at least 4 characters long.


You must be on the UCSF network (or be connected remotely via VPN) to access this system. DM WebPay printing accounts are separate from FastPay accounts and money cannot be transferred between them.