Sustainable Printing Guidelines

Sustainable Printing Guidelines

The UCSF Print Management Program focuses on reducing print volume, championing sustainable print, and contributing to the carbon neutrality goals of the University.


Look for paper with the highest percentage of post- consumer recycled content available. The UCSF Print Management Program now uses tree-free paper.

Printers/Copiers/Fax Machines
Look for equipment with duplex (double-sided) printing capability; use this feature to reduce the amount of paper consumed.

Work with as few machines as possible. The more people networked to a machine, the more energy efficient and cost effective it will be.

The UCSF Print Management Program only offers Energy Star rated machines, which will generally be more energy efficient than other similar machines on the market.

Sustainable Practices

Think Before You Print
Save documents, web sites, photos, and presentations electronically and resist the urge to print unless absolutely necessary.

Share information electronically, it will save innumerable copies at meetings and presentations.

Save Resources
Set your printer/copier/fax machine default mode to duplex and print double-sided documents every time.

Prioritize Your Printing Options
Determine the most sustainable printing method appropriate to your needs:

1. Print to a networked multifunction device. These devices save energy, have duplex printing capability, and feature scan-to-email/server capacity to deliver documents electronically to you so that you don’t have to print to make and distribute copies. These devices are always the best choice when printing.

2. If you can’t use a networked multifunction device, use an enterprise networked laser printer. Avoid using consumer inkjet printers.

Advertise Your Efforts
If printing material for distribution, consider including a message like the following: “When you are finished, please pass along or recycle this publication,” or “This publication was printed on post-consumer recycled paper.”

Close the Loop

Reduce Waste
Recycle all of your paper products so that the post consumer recycled paper remains in the recycling loop.

Make use of the PMP team to help recycle your used printer/toner cartridges right here on campus. They can pick-up used supplies when delivering new supplies.  UCSF Logistics also offers pick-up of used printer/toner cartridges when mail or packages are being delivered.

Reuse Paper
Use any memos, papers, or faxes that were not duplex printed as scrap paper. Send your final waste to the recycling bin.

Before you print, ask yourself these simple questions:

• Do I need to print this document or can I view and share it electronically?
• Can I fit more content onto any page?
• Did I use print preview to make sure I am printing only what I really need?
• Did I select double-sided printing?
• If this is not a final copy of an important document, do I really need to print it?

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