Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the UCSF Print Management Program (PMP)?
This is the CAMPUS print management program being offered by Campus Life Services – Documents & Media (DM), offering managed print services to all CAMPUS departments.  The program offers the University a convenient, sustainable, economic solution for its copiers, multifunction devices, and networked desktop printer needs.

Our Service sets us apart.

• Solution to fit your needs
• Ongoing program optimization, not just one time
• Friendly, experienced University employees assisting with support and service
• Easy to understand monthly recharge
• Integrity in everything we do

What are Managed Print Services?
Managed print services can manage all aspects of your office printing devices, including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. The optimization of these devices enables departments to save resources, produce less paper waste, and increase office efficiency.  This service provides long term, flexible solutions to your ever-changing office print needs.  The managed print services program for the CAMPUS is called the UCSF Print Management Program (PMP).

How is this program different than the UC Health PrintSMART Program?
The CAMPUS program offers elective enrollment, while the UCSF HEALTH program is mandatory enrollment.  Both programs strive to meet sustainable printing guidelines, and offer all the benefits of managed print services.  Both programs derive benefits from recently negotiated UC vendor contracts.

How does PMP support UC environmental and sustainability initiatives?
The program advances UC’s environmental and sustainability initiatives through the elimination of equipment that consumes high levels of energy, better management of toner cartridges and their disposal, reduction of paper consumption, and promotion of a “think before you print” campaign.

How was the equipment supplier chosen?  Who is the supplier?
The University has favorable negotiated contracts with Ricoh, Xerox and HP. During your print environment assessment, we will ensure your custom needs are met, along with ongoing service requirements.

Is enrollment in the UCSF Print Management Program mandatory for campus departments?
No, the CAMPUS program is not mandatory.  Though, we feel strongly that you will want to be included in the program due to cost savings, environmental benefits, and more process efficiencies for your department.

What is included in the program?  What type of equipment will be provided?
The UCSF Print Management Program (PMP) for CAMPUS departments includes equipment, supplies (excluding paper), preventive maintenance, repair & parts, software, installation, and training. PMP will collaborate with the department to determine the types, models, and quantities of equipment from the results of the onsite print environment assessment. The program includes several standard models of multifunctional devices and printers, selected to meet the varied needs of the CAMPUS.

• Equipment including multifunctional devices and printers (MFD’s/MFP’s)
• Consumable supplies, including staples (paper is not included)
• Preventive maintenance and parts
• Guaranteed service level response times
• Detailed account usage, and simplified billing and procurement process
• Single contract for increased efficiency in managing contract terms and conditions

Does equipment have to be networked to be enrolled in the program?
Yes, all equipment in the program must be networked. This allows for remote device performance tracking, usage reporting, and network security monitoring.

What do I do if I have existing lease or service agreements on equipment?
Existing leases and service agreements will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis during the print environment assessment process to determine the most cost-effective path to go forward for CAMPUS departments when enrolling into the UCSF Print Management Program.

What happens if needs for printing change after enrollment?
If there is a substantial change in output needs such as volume, number of users, business changes, etc., the UCSF Print Management Program will consult with the CAMPUS department to reevaluate their needs and make appropriate equipment adjustments.

What happens if I only have single-function printers, and not a multifunction device?
Single-function desktop printers are included in the program and all service & toner supplies are provided once the device is enrolled and networked (if needed).  The monthly volume of usage clicks will be collected by the UCSF Print Management Program remotely each month and then you will be billed accordingly.

How can I enroll in program?
If you are a CAMPUS department interested in enrolling into the UCSF Print Management Program (PMP) or have questions about PMP, please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and a PMP team member will follow-up as needed.

What criteria are used to evaluate print needs for a campus department?
During the print environment assessment process in your campus department, multiple factors are considered to ensure the satisfaction of all your department users. Although monthly volume is a major consideration, the UCSF Print Management Program will also evaluate other needs such as speed, quality, finishing capabilities, ease-of-use, and paper handling capacity. We will also review your department’s needs to print from special applications, ensuring the appropriate device is selected, and identify billing needs during the assessment.

What happens during the print environment assessment?
Once you are on the project list, you will be contacted prior to the print environment assessment with a short list of questions that should be submitted prior to the assessment. A PMP team member will contact you to schedule a time to conduct the assessment after the information has been received. The analyst will need a departmental escort through the department area being assessed to insure required access to all print environment assessment areas.

Will equipment be removed from campus departments?
Each department print environment assessment will take into consideration the current printing environment and recommend cost saving opportunities within the assessment proposal. The final decision will be determined by the campus department.

What are the cost components of the program?
Program costs include equipment, supplies (excluding paper), preventive maintenance, parts & repair, software, installation, and training. Campus departments will be recharged monthly based on usage, equipment types, and specialized tracking needs.

Can multiple campus departments share one device and be recharged separately?
Yes, we can place devices to be used by multiple campus departments and recharge each campus department usage separately.

Can I track usage by project and be recharge separately?
Yes, we can assign user codes to allow separate recharges by project in support of diverse campus needs.

Will campus departments need to buy new equipment?
Local printers that are not networked and inkjet printers will be eliminated.  When possible, dedicated fax machine output and single-function printing volume will be migrated to multifunction equipment.  Departmental print environment assessments will be done to identify what changes can be made to sustain overall savings.

How often will equipment be refreshed?
Equipment will be refreshed on an as-needed basis or at end of lease.

What happens to equipment that is not needed anymore?
If the equipment is UCSF-owned and no longer needed, the equipment should be made surplus by your campus department. All internal UCSF procedures for equipment disposal must be followed and the required Equipment Inventory Modification Request Form (EIMR) should be completed by the campus department.  Existing copiers or other multifunction devices that are on lease or under rental agreements should be returned to the existing supplier at the end of the lease or rental period.

Do I submit a Purchase Order for equipment?
No need.  All purchase order management will be handled for you by the UCSF Print Management Program (PMP).

Who do I contact if I have questions?
If the answer to your question is not available here, please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and a PMP team member will follow-up as needed.

Who do I contact for service?
Please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and a PMP team member will follow-up as needed.  By emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) a ServiceNow ticket will be auto-generated and placed directly in the PMP team queue.

You can also call the IT Service Desk at our support number at 415-476-5900 for assistance. If calling about a PMP enrolled device, please provide the 4-digit number on the PMP sticker on the device when calling.

Your service request will be responded to within two hours during regular business hours by a PMP team member.

How do I get training for new devices?
Basic user training will be provided at the time of the device delivery and installation.  An additional training appointment can be set up, if more or specific need training is required.

Can I print anywhere on campus?
The UCSF MyPrint feature is coming soon and we will keep you updated.