Who is the supplier?
The University has favorable negotiated contracts with Ricoh, Xerox and HP. During your print environment assessment, we will ensure your custom needs are met, along with ongoing service requirements.

What type of equipment will be provided?
The UCSF Print Management Program (PMP) for CAMPUS departments includes equipment, supplies (excluding paper), preventive maintenance, repair & parts, software, installation, and training. PMP will collaborate with the department to determine the types, models, and quantities of equipment from the results of the onsite print environment assessment. The program includes several standard models of multifunctional devices and printers, selected to meet the varied needs of the CAMPUS.

• Equipment including multifunctional devices and printers (MFD’s/MFP’s)
• Consumable supplies, including staples (paper is not included)
• Preventive maintenance and parts
• Single contract for increased efficiency in managing contract terms and conditions

Does equipment have to be networked to be enrolled in the program?
Yes, all equipment in the program must be networked. This allows for remote device performance tracking, usage reporting, and network security monitoring.

What do I do if I have existing lease or service agreements on equipment?
Existing leases and service agreements will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis during the print environment assessment process to determine the most cost-effective path to go forward for CAMPUS departments when enrolling into the UCSF Print Management Program.

What happens if I only have single-function printers, and not a multifunction device?
Single-function desktop printers are included in the program and all service & toner supplies are provided once the device is enrolled and networked (if needed).  The monthly volume of usage clicks will be collected by the UCSF Print Management Program remotely each month and then you will be billed accordingly.

Will campus departments need to buy new equipment?
Local printers that are not networked and inkjet printers will be eliminated.  When possible, dedicated fax machine output and single-function printing volume will be migrated to multifunction equipment.  Departmental print environment assessments will be done to identify what changes can be made to sustain overall savings.

How often will equipment be refreshed?
Equipment will be refreshed on an as-needed basis or at end of lease.

What happens to equipment that is not needed anymore?
If the equipment is UCSF-owned and no longer needed, the equipment should be made surplus by your campus department. All internal UCSF procedures for equipment disposal must be followed and the required Equipment Inventory Modification Request Form (EIMR) should be completed by the campus department.  Existing copiers or other multifunction devices that are on lease or under rental agreements should be returned to the existing supplier at the end of the lease or rental period.

Do I submit a Purchase Order for equipment?
No need.  All purchase order management will be handled for you by the UCSF Print Management Program (PMP).