Why Is Printer Ink so Expensive?

By Sophia Labeko on February 02, 2022


There are a few reasons the cost of ink breaks the inkjet printer budget. One major part of the cost supports research and development, which, the manufacturers say, gives consumers high-quality and environmentally conscious products. And who doesn’t appreciate quality ink, and more so, environmental stewardship?

The other major part of the cost is just a matter of business and more specifically the razor-and-blades business model. This model relies on selling one item at a low price point but profiting off consumable supplies that the initial item requires to function.

The inkjet printer industry has figured out that selling wallet-friendly starter equipment, the printer, means repeat ink business. No wonder black ink is on the list of 10 Most Expensive Liquids, along with LSD and human blood. One gallon of ink can cost $2,700.

Moreover, according to Business Insider, the ink in many cartridges sold today, decreased from 20 mil to around 5 mil, and some as little as 3 mil, without any reduction in price. 

So we say again, Get Rid of Your Single-Function Printer.