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Disabled stickers will not be honored without a VALID Disabled Placard/Plate.
NO EXCEPTIONS. Please issue only to patients and visitors with VALID placard.

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Rush Order (Additional $20 fee) – Pick up after one working day (24 hours). Regular Order (No additional fee) – Pick up after two working days (48 hours).

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Your total recharge is $0.00, based on 0 stickers @ $0 per sticker.
Your order will be ready for pickup after two working days at .
If you have questions or need assistance with this order, please call Transportation Services at (415) 476-2566.
Thank you.

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I have signature authorization privileges on the above account; I understand that UCSF Complimentary Stickers are not intended for use at an employees primary work location; stickers are primarily intended for UCSF patients and visitors; and stickers are non-refundable.

UCSF employees may be eligible to use a complimentary stickers for university business at non-primary work locations that involve transporting materials, after hour meetings or require a 2 or more UCSF shuttle connections or no shuttle service available. UCSF departments are required to maintain a UCSF Complimentary Sticker Issuance Log and Transportation Services may audit the issuance log to ensure departmental compliance with university policy.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order. Please bring a signed copy of the e-mail confirmation with you when you pickup the stickers.

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