About Campus Life Services

Our motto in Campus Life Services (CLS) is to “make life better here” for those who work, learn, teach, discover, and visit UCSF. We consider ourselves foremost a customer service division, providing needed services on all UCSF campus sites and delivering these services with PRIDE: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence.

Our Departments:
CLS is comprised of auxiliary (self-supporting) departments as well as departments funded predominately by general funds.

Auxiliary departments generate revenue to offset all or most expenses and include: Conference and Event Services, Documents & Media, Family Services, Fitness & Recreation, Housing Services, Retail Services, and Transportation Services.

General funded departments receive funds from a variety of sources including the core, state, recharge, and UC Office of the President: Campus Facilities Services, Office of Sustainability, Utility Services, and Wellness & Community.

Our People:
Collectively, nearly 800 people currently work in CLS.

Among the many specialists in CLS are analysts, arborists, bus drivers, cooks, designers, engineers, leasing managers, lifeguards, painters, photographers, plumbers, power plant operators, public health professionals, event producers, valet, and yoga instructors – just to name a few.

Our Goals:
Our efforts to continuously improve are evident in the ambitious goals that we set for ourselves, all of which are aligned to our True North pillars and support UCSF’s mission and vision.

Our accomplishments for calendar 2020 are posted below. Given COVID-19, we undertook many surprise projects, but the CLS team proudly stepped up to the call of duty.

2020 Accomplishments

COVID-19 Think Tanks:
Campus Life Services experienced significant disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help us plan for a strategic recovery, we established a series of Think Tanks. Those who participated in Think Tanks were from many different disciplines and included those with specialized backgrounds as well as participants from outside the industry being studied. Participants include members of the UCSF community, but mainly individuals unaffiliated with the university. Representatives were from diverse backgrounds, including age, gender, race.

Below are completed Think Tank Reports. Additional Think Tanks are being established.

Housing Services (Think Tank, November 2020)

Conference and Event Services (Think Tank, March 2021)

Documents and Media (Think Tank, October 2021)