Waze & UCSF - Making Your Commute Easier

Published on December 26, 2016


UC San Francisco commuters are invited to participate in an exclusive pilot of the new Waze Carpool service, connecting drivers and riders with similar destinations to commute together on the most optimal routes.

UCSF is one of the first companies chosen to participate in this exclusive pilot program. Millions of drivers rely on Waze daily to find the fastest, most efficient routes for their commutes, working together to outsmart traffic. Now, Waze has further connected its community with the Waze Carpool platform to save transit costs, help one another and reduce the strain of traffic on the environment. Upon being matched by similar routes and destinations, drivers and riders seamlessly share the cost of gas within the app, and everyone enjoys a more efficient commute.

“This pilot project is an excellent opportunity to improve the daily commute for our employees,” said Erick Villalobos, Director of Transportation Services at UCSF.

Whether you commute across town or across the Bay Bridge, there are many benefits to this project.

● Drivers: Aside from the joy of helping someone else and extra money for gas, carpool drivers also enjoy faster arrival time to work thanks to use of the carpool lane. How will you spend that extra time?
● Riders: Unlike other carpool services, enjoy a door-to-door, convenient and uninterrupted ride from pickup to destination, avoiding long walks to the train station or multiple stops along your route.
● Personal Health: Less time in traffic equals less stress to start or end your day.
● Great for the Bay: Carpool makes it easy to help fellow commuters when you’re already driving to work and help Waze tackle congestion in our area.
● Great for the Earth: Thanks to you and your driver, there will be less pollution on your commute and one less car on the road.

“As UCSF has built a community around innovation and learning, Waze Carpool looks to expand the trusted, friendly community of Waze to improve daily commutes. Waze Carpoolers will also benefit from best of Waze technology, including routing drivers on the most optimal route based on real-time traffic insights. We’re excited to see how our two communities come together through this pilot,” said Josh Fried, Head of Business Development for Waze Carpool.

Ready to get started? Drivers can download Waze* for free at www.waze.com and for Riders, download the new free Waze Rider app* at https://www.waze.com/en/carpool.