Bicycling to Work is Hitting a Higher Gear at UCSF

By Robert Hood on May 08, 2018


According to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, an estimated 82,000 bike trips are taken on an average day in the city. John Hamiga, a researcher at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at UC San Francisco, is one of those people riding his bike.

Hamiga is also a driving force behind the newly created UCSF Bike Committee, which was formed from the UCSF Bikes! Chatter group started last year. UCSF Bikes! Chatter has 177 members. UCSF Transportation Services worked with Hamiga and others to form the university’s bike committee, which has grown to 23 members. Photographed above, from left to right, are Elyse Chiapello, Laura Newman, Kaya Balke, Nichol Fernandez, Alan Paciorek and John Hamiga.

“We promote the bicycle for every day transportation,” Hamiga said. “Everyone is welcome to join us.”

Phillip Kee, rideshare coordinator for UCSF Transportation Services, helped form the UCSF Bike Committee. “Our goal is to promote bicycle culture and share commuting and bicycling tips. We also work with bicyclists to discuss campus resources, infrastructure and bicycle security.”

Hamiga said bicycle commuting was a topic at the last UCSF Bike Committee meeting. “We discussed how to bring up bicycle commuting with colleagues,” he said. “For committed bicycle commuters it’s important to remember what their first bicycle commute was like and to share that experience with others.”

For more information about biking to work at UCSF, visit Transportation Services.