Sustainable Costume Instagram Contest

By Sophia Labeko on October 13, 2020


This Halloween we challenge you to be green! No, we don’t mean swap black and orange for green. We mean put the environment ahead of acquiring single-use material in the form of costumes and decorations. This year, Office of Sustainability and UCSF Recycling are hosting Green Halloween, an Instagram costume contest. So, start collecting your recycling and looking at things in your home differently–you’ll be using them for your costume.

Don’t let single-use material haunt our planet for years after you’re done with it!

Contest Rules:
Make a Halloween costume using items you would throw out or recycle. You may reuse pieces from old costumes (but not use old costumes as is).

Follow us and submit a picture on Instagram by Thursday, 10/29. In the caption explain how you used recycled materials in your costume.

We’ll select five winners who will receive a $20 gift card. Good luck!