Guillermo Zaldana: Mr. Dependable at UCSF Parking

By Robert Hood on February 12, 2020

Marco Sanchez, UCSF Documents & Media

If you’ve parked in the garage at the UC San Francisco Medical Center at Mission Bay, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the smiling face of Guillermo Zaldana, a cashier with UCSF Transportation Services.

Zaldana has worked with Transportation Services for the past 12 years and has been in the parking booth at the UCSF Medical Center Garage for the last two years. He currently works the early shift. “I like my job because it gives me the opportunity to brag about where I work,” Zaldana said. “UCSF is a well-recognized institution.”

And nearly every day you can find Zaldana in the booth at the medical center, assisting customers as they enter and exit the facility.

“Guillermo is very dependable and responsible,” said Tim McNeil, parking operations manager. “He rarely calls in sick. He interacts well with the customers and does a great job of giving them information. Guillermo also does a good job of handling difficult customers.”

That’s especially true when people have stayed for a long period of time and find out they owe a large sum of money to pay for their parking. “Sometimes, customers can be abusive,” he said. “But I try to stay professional because I represent UCSF.”

Zaldana’s primary responsibilities include collecting the parking fees, providing information to visitors, directing motorists to available parking spaces, checking on the parking fee machine, and keeping his work area neat and tidy. “At the end of my shift I count my change fund, prepare a deposit for all cash transactions I had throughout the day, make a drop, clean-up and go home,” he said.

Zaldana lives in El Sobrante and has been in the Bay Area since 1982. In his spare time, he enjoys camping with his family. “It keeps us connected and helps us get away from all the distractions like cell phones, television, and video games. I enjoy having a few days with nothing but family and nature.”

Zaldana also likes to fish or go to the shooting range. “This is my alone time where I can reflect on family, work, and clear my head.”

Prior to coming to work at UCSF, Zaldana was a field operations supervisor for DHL, an international shipping company. “I was responsible for training new employees, informing them about the company’s policies, and ensuring that loading and unloading packages was done safely and correctly.”