DM Wants You to Get Rid of Your Single-Function Printer

By Sophia Labeko on November 02, 2021


We mean it. Unless you run a job through your single-function printer at least once a week, surplus it.

Many UCSF administrative staff have been and still are working remotely, meaning their jam-loving printer is somewhere on site, in a dark office, collecting dust. The paper in Tray 1 (or Tray 2, or the Bypass Tray…) is stale at this point.

And the maintenance–who do you call if it starts spitting a cacophony of screeching sounds?


The truth is plugged-in appliances use phantom energy and release CO2. According to a New York Times article, “overall electricity production represents about 37 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions in the United States, one of the main contributors to climate change.”

“UCSF has a Carbon Neutrality Goal by 2025, which means we have to reduce our carbon emissions in order to reach this goal and not be monetarily penalized. Unplugging and using Energy Star certified appliances can help us save energy and reach our carbon goals,” confirms Gail Lee, Director of Sustainability.


Unless you are frequently using the printer, it is a waste of resources. The plastic, which is made of fossil fuels, and the energy that went into building and transporting the device could have been avoided.

For environmental and waste-reduction reasons, we suggest that you surplus your minimally used printer, and next time someone in your office suggests purchasing one, consider alternate options.

The Alternative

So, what are these alternate options? Print with us. Yes, there is a cost associated with using our services, but there is also a cost for buying a single-function printer, supplies like paper and ink or toner, and maintenance.

If you print once a month: use Advanced Print to place your order online, even if you work off-site.

If you print more frequently and so do your co-workers: urge your department to join the Print Management Program (PMP). In short, this service saves you time and money because we find and lease your all-in-one (print, copy, scan, fax) multifunction machine, maintain it, and recycle the toner cartridges. An option for secure printing included.

PMP saving to date:
We have seen 20-30% cost reduction
We have seen 50% reduction in the number of devices
We have seen 50% savings in energy consumption

By using our services, you are working with trusted print production professionals who are here to support UCSF in its mission, and have been for the past 57 years; and you are supporting UCSF and your colleagues.

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