Campus First Impressions Transforms UCSF

By Robert Hood on January 15, 2020


Facilities Services does it again! The Third Annual First Impressions Contest received nearly 100 entries last year, and from that, ten worthy projects were chosen as the winners. Each of the winning projects received up to $10,000 to upgrade public spaces that would make a significant first impression on students, staff, faculty and visitors.

This year’s projects included:

Citywide Case Management Waiting Room Refresh

Entry to Citywide Case Management Center

Citywide Case Management is located on Mission Street and can help up to 300 clients with severe mental illness per day. The funding was mainly used to refresh the second-floor waiting room. It consisted of: freshly painted walls using a soft accent color (Silver Blueberry) and base color (Ancestral Waters), the newer UCSF logo was painted above the reception area window, new easily cleanable and bright new seating was added, the waiting room floor was scrubbed, and new window shades were added to create a welcoming space. The reception work area was also freshly painted including the first-floor lobby as well.

Submission: Fumi Mitsuishi, MD, MS / Executive Director, UCSF/ZSFG Division of Citywide Case Management and Constance Revore, MSSW, MBA / Division Administrator, Division of Citywide Case Management

Parnassus Heights Landscape Beautification

New landcaping in front of the hospital at Parnassus.

Old plants were removed and replaced with drought-tolerant species of flowers and plants that will flourish in San Francisco’s Mediterranean climate. Colorful perennials were planted around the landscape and new soil was added. A new irrigation system was installed to help the plants flourish. This was a partnership with James Bennan, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer with Adult Services.

Submission: James Bennan, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Adult Services; Office of the President; Adult Services; Campus Life Services, Retail Services.

Carpet Replacement Parnassus Heights Level P7

New Carpet in MU-P7

The 40-year-old carpet in the hallway in MU-P7 was replaced with a new, durable carpet. Students, staff, patients and visitors come from the MU Garage and use the hallway to access the elevators to Parnassus along with visiting Transportation Services and the UC Police Department WEID Office.

Submission: Doris Sorto, Transportation Services, Campus Life Services.

Kalmanovitz Library Lactation Room - Parnassus Heights

A photo of the remodeled lactation room.

Parnassus has 14 lactation room stations and the Parnassus Library lactation room is just one of two located on the north side of campus. The former copy room with cloth walls and a broken cabinet was completely transformed by the Campus First Impressions Contest. The room is heavily used by students, employees, and people attending library events. In addition, the work created two private lactation spaces in the single room.

Submission: Lekshmi Santhosh, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine and Caroline Wick & Laura Ishkanian, Lactation Room Coordinators, Family Services.

Kalmanovitz Library Third Floor Lookout Space Beautification - Parnassus Heights

New library furniture.

A new custom-built bench imported from Green Furniture Concepts in Montreal Canada replaces the 27-year-old worn leather chairs that had become an eyesore in the lookout area on the main floor of the UCSF Library at Parnassus. The new wooden seating area was built with a specific size, look, and color to match the aesthetics of the library and was chosen by the library staff in conjunction with Facilities Services. The library also shared in the cost of the new furniture, which came in five separate, ergonomic pieces and can be configured into a few shapes that will seat approximately 40 people.

Submission: Haley McEwan, Director of Administration, UCSF Library.

Hidden Medical Sciences Building Entrance & Hallway - Parnassus Heights

Medical Sciences Revamp

The hidden entrance to the Clinical Sciences Building from Parnassus Avenue was revamped with fresh new paint. The project also includes deep cleaning of the floors, replacing the worn wooden benches with new furniture and adding plants to brighten up the space. The entrance has been power washed and landscaped. New furniture will be installed by Feb. 14 to match the new lobby furniture in the Medical Sciences Building.

Submission: Angela Kimura, Clinical Pharmacy, and Julie Erich, Operations Analyst, Clinical Pharmacy.

Mission Hall First Floor Center Hallway Refresh

Mission Hall Improvements

The busy hallway on the first floor in Mission Hall has been revitalized with new tables installed along the freshly painted walls, the carpet received a deep cleaning and greenery was added to create a bright new look, and the walls were patched and painted.

Submission: Robert Mansfield, MSc, Administrative Officer/Institute for Global Health Sciences.

Irving Street Elevator Lobby Refresh - Parnassus Heights

Irving Street Elevator Lobby.

One of the busiest elevator lobbies at Parnassus Heights has been refreshed! New logos were added to the walls which were painted with the UCSF blue hues to provide a warmer space. The floors were deep cleaned, stripped and waxed while the wooden bench in the waiting area was cleaned and re-varnished. New greenery was also added to warm the space.

Submissions: Anders Yang, Director of Development, Neurosciences, University Development and Alumni Relations and Yuvraaj Kapoor, Clinical Research, Gastroenterology Division.

Mission Center Building (MCB) Outdoor Courtyard Beautification

UCSF employees celebrate improvements at the Mission Center Building.

The Mission Center Building courtyard is in the process of being refreshed with new furniture, updated plantings, and restored wooden benches. The project has been delayed as the exterior of the building is being remediated.

Submissions: Cathleen Stugard, Elicia Rozic, Campus Life Services; Allison Chen, Senior Evaluations Analyst, Assessment, Curriculum, Evaluations, Office of Medical Education.

Medical Sciences Restroom Refresh - Parnassus Heights

Cole Hall Restroom Upgrade

Improvements included adding shelving and paper towel dispensers near the sinks, refreshing the wooden door, deep-cleaning the floors and new ceiling lighting. What’s coming? By Feb. 22, restroom partitions will be replaced with new burgundy-colored partitions and the perimeter lighting will be updated to make the space brighter.

Submissions: Eleanor M. Vogt, RPh, PhD/Profession, UCSF School of Pharmacy and Julie Erich, Operations Analyst, Clinical Pharmacy.