Building Renewal Projects Underway at UCSF

By Robert Hood on April 10, 2019


Several major renovation projects are underway at key UC San Francisco buildings thanks to the Facilities Services’ Building Renewal Program.

Building renewal is part of a strategy aimed at reducing UCSF’s deferred maintenance. The 15-year renewal program focuses on finishes and building controls at Mission Bay. Genentech Hall is the first building to undergo the renewal process and Rock Hall is currently in the planning phase.

The 25-year renewal program addresses building systems at Parnassus Heights. Specifically, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems at the School of Dentistry and Kalmanovitz Library. It also funds work at the Mount Zion Cancer Research Center.

Bernadette Jimenez, assistant director of Infrastructure, said renewal funds for buildings 25 years or older at Parnassus have been allocated for the first time in decades as part of a strategy to address deferred maintenance needs.

“We’ve used the funding to transform the public facing areas within the School of Dentistry. We have refreshed corridors, clinical areas and conference spaces,” Jimenez said. “Our first priority was to help the School of Dentistry prepare for its accreditation visit, but we are also focused on waterproofing the building envelope and exterior windows and upgrading the electrical and plumbing systems.”

The exterior windows and building envelope at the library will be waterproofed, with a goal of restoring the terraces to their former splendor; lighting systems and controls will be upgraded; and the fire sprinkler system on the fifth floor will be replaced with an upgraded system to protect the rare book collection.

Jimenez said roofing and exterior windows at the Mount Zion Cancer Research Center will undergo waterproofing and new building controls will be added with funding from the renewal program.

State funding for deferred maintenance stopped in the early 2000s. The Facilities Services operating budget pays for annual preventative and unscheduled maintenance, but not for facilities renewal, deferred maintenance and capital improvements.

Adam Schnirel, associate director of Facilities Services, said this is the second year of the renewal program. “Our primary goal is to invest in our buildings after they are constructed, which includes those that have passed the 15-year mark. We want to minimize the deferred maintenance backlog, prolong the life of our buildings, and address our cosmetic needs on time.”

Thanks to renewal funding, Facilities is investing more money at Genentech Hall, Rock Hall and will be painting the Rutter Center exterior. For example, lab equipment corridors at Genentech Hall have new flooring, paint, lighting and seismic bracing. The lobby furniture has been refreshed and the iconic DNA-inspired chandelier has been upgraded to LED lighting. More updates are planned, including digital monitors for the lobby, new carpet for the main corridors, and kitchen upgrades for shared lab spaces.

Rock Hall is on a similar path, with planning underway for corridor upgrades and refreshed fixtures and finishes in the break room, Schnirel said.

Renewal funding paid for several projects at Parnassus including the School of Nursing mezzanine refresh; new carpet at the library; restroom upgrades; exterior painting at the MU; and the soon-to-come refresh in the Medical Sciences lobby.

Schnirel said Facilities Services engages with the university community during the renewal process by establishing building advisory groups to help guide the projects. “The advisory groups provide a link to the building occupants. We provide them with detailed information and timelines associated with the projects and they help us minimize our construction impact on research and teaching.”