Support for Sign Owners

Support & Information for Digital Sign Owners in our Network

Our team provides Monday–Friday technical support for digital sign customers in the campus network.

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Frequently asked Questions

How can I establish a data feed from the UCSF calendar?
UCSF calendar users can create a widget using Localist’s online resources to filter select content to your department managed digital sign. Visit the UCSF Event Calendar’s FAQ page for more information. Once you have established the content, our technical team can assist you with integrating the feed to a region on a sign.

How can I prepare my content in the UCSF calendar to display optimally in the calendar event feeds?
When entering your event in the UCSF calendar, be sure to include specific location information, including campus, building, and room number. Include a photo if possible. Events that include a photo or other graphic present optimally.

Who should I contact if a digital sign isn’t working properly?
Submit a Service Desk ticket for a Business Application and reference digital signage.

What are the requirements to run video on a digital sign in the network?
Newer digital signage with 4k displays are typically equipped to play video. Screen dimensions and content template region dimensions vary per digital sign so each video placement is unique. Contact us to evaluate your digital sign with regard to placement and overall performance to support video.

What video specifications are typically supported?
MP4 format
16:9 aspect ratio for HD displays
720–1080 pixel resolution is usually adequate if the video takes up less than 50% of screen space on a 4K display.
Closed captioning is required for all video presentations. To learn more, visit UCSF Digital Accessibility.

I’m submitting an ad for posting in the campus network. How long can I have the ad posted?
To optimize visibility and keep digital sign content fresh, the maximum duration allowed is three months. If you have evergreen content (content that stays relevant over a long period of time) you are invited to freshen the design of your ad (color, images, headline) and submit a different version. If you would like to submit multiple versions of your ad in advance to run consecutively, that is welcome up to a 3-month duration (i.e. quarterly). 

What if my display is off?
Make sure the display has power and is turned on.

What if my display is powered on, but the content is missing?
For those with access to Content Manager, try redeploying. For those that don’t, submit a Service Desk ticket

Where can I find assistance with designing sign templates to the required specifications?
Documents & Media is a cost-effective design resource that can assist you in efficiently meeting campus brand and digital sign technical requirements.

How do I clean my display?
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided with your display
1. Unplug the display before you begin
2. Clean the frame of your TV with a soft, clean, lint free, dry cloth
3. Wipe the screen with the cloth as gently as possible