Powered by Campus Life Services

Powered by Campus Life Services

Leading with innovation.

From online transactions to mobile convenience to digital communications and more, Campus Life Services harnesses technology to help everyone at UCSF live better, work smarter, and enjoy the best of our community here.

UCSF Mobile app – everything you need to know about UCSF in one place. Available for Android and iOS. UCSFMobile.ucsf.edu

UCSF Live Shuttle – view estimated arrival and departure of your favorite shuttle routes.

UCSF MyCommute - the one-stop source for all of your UCSF commuter needs. mycommute.ucsf.edu

UCSF Digital Signage – communicating throughout UCSF at multiple campus sites one screen at a time. digitalsignage.UCSF.EDU

UCSF Print Management Program (PMP) – helping UCSF go green with energy-saving, multi-function printers. bit.ly/UCSFPMP

UCSF Recycling website – tips on how, what, and where to recycle; and tracks your activity. zerowaste.ucsf.edu

UCSF Passport Discounts – an array of nationwide discounts on entertainment, travel, dining, and shopping available for UCSF faculty, students, & staff. bit.ly/UCSFPassport

UCSF FixIt - UCSF Facilities makes it easy to anonymously let them know what needs attention on campus. fixit.ucsf.edu