Business Systems

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We focus on the technology and systems that make our customers more effective. We make conscious decisions about how technology can support the process, information, and people requirements of the business in a holistic way.

Through our multi-discipline approach, we provide:

  • High quality consultative services to support innovation
  • Agile delivery of “best value” solutions that securely meet the business unit and campus needs
  • An integrated formal process for addressing scope changes and issues
  • Business continuity for critical supported business applications
  • Access to services, solutions, and support
  • Excellent customer interactions
  • In short, we ensure that technology seamlessly connects software solutions with financial & business operations to continuously improves the customer experience, drive lower costs, and provide better business efficiency and results.

    Our services include:

    • Application review and support
    • Business process reviews and feasibility analysis
    • Credit Card processing & management
    • Data integrity auditing
    • E-commerce & Online storefront solutions
    • Mobile application oversight and deployment
    • Reporting & Data Analytics
    • Systems enhancements and integration
    • Technology sourcing and implementation
    • Website support and governance
    Examples of supported solutions:
  • Conference Center Support
  • Digital Signage
  • FileMaker Pro Hosting
  • Point of Sale
  • Print Management
  • Online Storefronts
  • Trip Planner
  • UCSF Mobile App