CLS BTS Bulletin July 2016

By Timmy Ta on September 01, 2016

Stakeholders and Leaders: Did you know… The UCSF Mobile App has been enhanced to include commuter emergency information, additional AED (Automated External Defibrillator) locations, and an improved visual display.  Download the “CLS Services at UCSF” app to see these updates.  (Available for Android or iOS.)

Project Highlights
Common & Business Unit Solutions

Web 3.0
Successfully rolled out the new Campus Life Services Website to include 14 sites sharing the same template.  The project met all the objectives set, and was delivered seamlessly.  It was a wonderful collaboration between our groups and department stakeholders, content managers, designers, and developers.  Though there were many speed bumps along the road to implementation, the right team, doing the right things, delivered the right product.
Housing Services StarRez Project
The StarRez project is underway! UCSF Housing is upgrading to the StarRez Housing Management System in preparation for growth in buildings and tenant population. StarRez is a popular housing management system used by several California universities. It offers cloud hosting and an online tenant portal that automates many aspects of applying for housing, the housing lottery, moving in, and even reserving small appliances. For housing staff, StarRez simplifies assigning spaces, setting up e-leases, apartment renewals, batch rental billing, maintenance requests and move-out inspections. Behind the scenes, StarRez offers a high level of data security.
UCSF Passport Discount Program
Provided support to update technical content in the mobile app, website, and the Arts & Events store to seamlessly roll out the UCSF Passport Discount program.  Conducted needs assessment and project planning meetings to transfer all Featured Discounts to a central platform called Passport Unlimited in order to streamline the user experience for UCSF Students, Staff, and Faculty.
Data Security Compliance Program
Working in partnership with FAS ITS, and other FAS department representatives, we have developed a mitigation plan to ensure systems supported by FAS departments are actively working to ensure security compliance.  A focused resource has been identified, and will soon outline an ongoing data security compliance process.  Stay tuned for updates.
PCI Quarterly Scan & Action Plan

  • We are in the final stages of optimizing the configuration of the POS workstations for Fitness and Recreation to enhance security and reliability.
  • Investigated PCI compliance for the new Housing Services Management System and are pleased with the approach they have designed for compliance.  We are investigating issues to be addressed.
  • Continue efforts with the Campus and the Medical Center to help streamline the UCSF approach to handling PCI security questionnaires
  • Infrastructure Updates

    ITS Security response efforts
    To support the UCSF security enhancements we have assisted CLS departments with the network security exemption registration process. We have submitted numerous security exemptions on behalf of CLS customers to ensure minimal impact to operations. Please let us know if additional devices not supported by ITFS are discovered or added to the network so we can ensure they are included.
    ITS Security response to Scans
    UCSF ITS has started scanning all connected devices and is requiring patches and reconfigurations to enhance security, CLS IS has performed the required actions on our servers for the most recent scan.
    ITFS Desktop Integration
    We continue to work with ITFS to finalize the desktop support migration, and we are in the process of establishing regular check in meetings with ITFS managers and CLS representatives to help ensure business needs are supported.
    DataCenter Move Evaluation
    We are currently working with ITS datacenter staff to evaluate the scope and timing of moving our servers. We had the initial meeting with the ITS project management team to begin the process of identifying servers and their dependencies to ensure a smooth transition to the new facility. The current activity is planning for the first servers to migrate from Minnesota street to Quincy, which are the development and test servers for ASCTrac.
    VoIP phones
    CLS IS is working with campus ITS to roll out the new VOIP phones to all CLS locations.  Look forward to contacts from the central ITS project manager or myself as they move to your area.

    Business Process Improvements
    Campus Life Services

    Network Security
    UCSF, along with other UC campuses are accelerating their network security efforts. At UCSF, these changes are impacting CLS business systems. Several disruptions in the system availability have been reported and investigated; some took a fair amount of time and required system changes.
    Digital Signage
    The following improvements have taken place this period:

  • Added a new signs in Student Health Services at Parnassus and Mission Bay
  • Added a new sign at Ladle and Leaf in the School of Nursing Lounge
  • Added a new sign at Medical Student Education center on Parnassus
  • Added existing signs in Dentistry building to our network
  • Added existing Parnassus Library signs to our network
  • Campus Life Services Staff Resource Day presenceSuccessfully coordinated three booths for Campus Life Services at UCSF Staff Resource day in February, one booth each for Digital Signage, UCSF Mobile app, and DM Print Management Program. The booths represented CLS well and were well received at the show increasing awareness of the technology solutions that CLS provides to the university.
    Campus Life Services Living Green Fair representation
    Worked with CLS groups to present our offerings at the Living Green Fair, increasing campus awareness of Campus Life Services contributions to sustainability on campus, including the debut of our new mobile form factor digital sign, the BenQ
    CLS Service and Quality Survey
    Programmed the CLS Service and Quality Survey in Qualtrics to collect feedback and survey customers online. While assigned to the strategic planning team for CLS, we interviewed CLS directors and leaders, who told us CLS should focus on: A. Well run businesses that deliver service excellence, B. Programs for the next generation campus, and C. Healthy living activities that support UCSF in revolutionizing health. In support of this focus, this survey has five questions that provide CLS departments with measures to help us improve and to recognize new opportunities, and data to detect and solve problem situations. The CLS Service and Quality Survey was implemented with the new CLS Website, a first report of survey results has been prepared, and this CLS GOAL is complete for 2016.
    We continue to maintain and improve our existing infrastructure to support our current and legacy systems, here are some recent highlighted activities:

  • We replaced all the batteries for our server room emergency backup power supply and were able to decommission and surplus an older unit.
  • Updated all the Retrospect and Crashplan backup server software supporting CLS servers
  • ITS Advocacy
    We continue to provide a voice for CLS departmental needs on the UCSF IT Governance committees for Infrastructure, Security, Access Management, and Customer Support.

    Arts and Events

    Order Note Import Function Update
    Enhanced the online order process to allow customers the ability to identify time, date, and location for pickup, while also allowing the administrative staff the ability to better plan for product delivery.

    Documents & Media

    Mobile Device Support
    We added two iPads to the CLS BTS mobile device management solution to allow for efficient license and security management.
    Library Business Center setup
    Providing required support to open the new library business center, migration of network equipment, EMV readers, and POS.
    Library Pcounter setup
    Supporting the implementation and configuration of the Pcounter application for DM to assume responsibility for the Library print payment system.
    Mission Hall Business Center setup
    Assisting with the network configuration and migration planning for the equipment including digital signage in the new location
    Review DM Customer Order Experience
    Reviewed the online customer experience for order management for Documents and Media, and provided short-term and long-term recommendations for the business to improve the order management experience.
    POS Locations roll out
    Provided the technical project management and application configuration support for DM to rollout two new POS systems.  As a result, locations, power outlets, ethernet connectivity, security features, and hardware requirements were identified and are currently planned for implementation in Q1 of FY1617.

    Facilities Services

    Mobile Device Support
    Working to standardize and streamline mobile device support for the iOS devices used by facilities staff to track work orders and get up-to-date information on the go.  We have integrated the mobile devices into our existing filewave server and configurator setups to allow for both standardized deployments and remote push updates to ensure they have the latest information, configuration and security settings. We recently increased the number of supported mobile devices to 52.
    Digital Signage
    We are assisting in adding additional signs to the internally facing locations at Parnassus.

    Finance Service Center

    Update the FSC URL
    Updated the FSC website with a new URL, which made it easier for customers to access the FSC website.  The conversion was done in the back end in collaboration with ITS, CLS IS, and DM.  As a result, the site continued to function without impact to content or sub URL changes, which saved content manager time.
    AR Reconciliation Process review
    Collaboratively with FSC and Housing Services, implemented a monthly AR reconciliation process to reduce/eliminate persistent AR and Deferred Income balance discrepancies. BSD reviewed the process, identified the source of the discrepancy, and recommended a solution to synch the AR and Deferred Income balance to the People Soft Ledger.  As a result, the balance will now be accurate, and both FSC and Housing Services will save valuable time each month on reconciliation.

    Fitness and Recreation

    Unexpired Gift Card Clean Up
    Collaborated in a Gift Card Kaizen with Finance and the business unit to review the gift card expiration process.  As a result, BSD suggested and tested a solution that successfully restored 1,394 SNG expired gift cards in the amount of $79,985.44.  This allowed staff to process gift card redemptions for customers more efficiently.  The process was reported back to the Kaizen group, along with a gift card backup file for the reference.
    Enhanced the Front Desk POS log in process
    Successfully rolled out the Citrix Receiver environment to Front Desk POS workstation with the existing Wyse hardware equipment. This has simplified staff’s login process, reduced login time, and resolved frequent lock out and printer delay issues. Front Desk staff haven’t had any issues since the update occurred.
    Membership Camera
    Successfully implemented the new USB Camera to each Membership workstation, which integrated image capture for membership.  Membership can take member photos in a single click without the need to access a network drive to import the image into a member’s profile. 
    Series Sales Clean up
    Successfully tied series sales service agreements and expiration dates to 243 products in SNG. Inserted expiration date to 11,825 series sales records.  This enhancement increases the accuracy of valid balances on Series Sales, and saved the business significant time from manual adjustments to balance and expiration dates.
    Sell Online Membership
    Demonstrated how to sign up for membership online to Member Services team and updated the procedure documents. Member Services is targeting online general public membership sales in FY16/17 Q1. This is one of the Business Process Review (BPR) objectives to provide more self-service to members.
    Program Registration Email Training
    Provided training to program manager on how to send custom emails to participants in SNG. The tool allows the system to automatically insert data fields like participant name, program name, instructor, and more.  Guest/Member email can opt-in or opt-out of this communication preference.  This provides the business with an additional engagement tool to specific customers of the fitness programs.
    Member and Guest Online Services Access
    Worked with Member Services team to allow members and guests the ability to edit their address, primary phone number, secondary phone number, and email addresses via Online Services or using the mobile app.

    Housing Services

    Wireless Support
    We continue to work on behalf of Housing Services with ITS to ensure the wireless and network maintain the high standards required by the housing residents. The project has been delayed by ITS resource constraints but we expect it to pick up again over the next several months.
    New Tenant Renewal Process
    Implemented new process for FY1617 tenant renewals and helped Housing to achieve their process improvement GOAL. This renewal process involves invitations for tenants to review, request for occupant information, missing person and emergency contact information, new faculty and student lease agreements from UCOP, and electronic signature by renewing tenants. After reprogramming application templates and successfully implementing required changes, the Housing Renewal process proceeded as planned, and is now complete.
    Luxer Locker Support
    The Housing department is switching from Parcel Manager to Luxer Locker. The goal of this project is to reduce or eliminate staff management of tenant packages.  BSD completed analysis of the Luxer system and recommended procedures that avoid the transfer of tenant information. Since many tenants are students or faculty, the safety of this information is regulated.

    Retail Services

    MB Conference Center Support
    We continue to work on behalf of the conference center with ITS to ensure the wireless and network maintain the high standards required by the customers.  We continue to trouble shoot with the wireless networking group.
    MB Conference Center POS Replacement support
    We assisted in identifying a solution to address possible overlap in network security responsibility for the Aramark POS stations on the UCSF network, as a result, they will be upgrading their POS and adding an independent ATT connection for their system.
    MB AV Support
    We are currently in the process of developing a proposal to overhaul and enhance the AV capabilities in the Coblentz conference room and expect to have a final proposal ready for next update.
    University Store
    Continue to run the bookstore servers as required by the Finance Service Center in an ad-hoc capacity without vendor support for the deployment.
    Update KPI Report
    Enhanced the KPI reporting template to accommodate the increased amount of data needed to run the report. This enhancement resolved the errors and allowed the business to continue to fully utilize their KPI reports.
    % Rent Process Change
    Provided consultative services to review the posting process resulting in the utilization of the same standard process as with all charges each month in an accrual account method.

    Transportation Services

    Trip Planner Fix
    Enhanced the TripPlanner web app to reduce confusion and improve the customer experience by providing customers with more accurate information on routes with mini loops.  The enhancement was seamlessly deployed without taking the app out of production.

    Next Period Highlights
  • Digital Signage Mission Hall Classroom Scheduling and Energy Dashboard Prototype
  • StarRez MasterCard Payment Gateway Implementation
  • Address desktop support changes due to UCSF Security project acceleration
  • Address server/infrastructure impacts due to UCSF Security project acceleration
  • PCI SAQ completion scheduled for October