Bear Hugs Discontinued

Published on January 08, 2018

Dear Bear Hugs Customer,

Your team at UCSF Arts & Events wishes to thank you for being a customer of the Bear Hugs gift certificate program. Sadly, the cost of running the program has become prohibitive and the final day of Bear Hugs sales is Monday, March 19, 2018.

Bear Hugs has long been the recognition program of choice for many of us at UCSF. As an alternative, we recommend FastPay gift cards which can be used at participating UCSF vendors.

FastPay gift cards are available for purchase through UCSF Nutrition & Food Services in increments of $20 for use at any UCSF vendor who accepts FastPay. For more info on FastPay and other gift cards, please visit: (Scroll to the bottom of the webpage for an order form).

Customers who have purchased Bear Hugs for others, or that have Bear Hugs in their possession, can still redeem them at participating vendors after March 19.

However, if you redeem your Bear Hug certificate now through June 30, 2018, you can be entered for your chance to win a $20 FastPay Gift Card. Simply write your E-mail on the back of your Bear Hugs before you redeem at a participating campus vendor.

With Bear Hugs ending, we recommend the following websites to recognize your staff and colleagues: (you must be logged into myaccess).
Arts & Events Discounts:

FAQs Bear Hugs

Q – When is the Bear Hugs program ending?
A – Final day for sales of Bear Hugs gift certificate is March 19, 2018.

Q – Why is Bear Hugs ending?
A – The cost of managing this recognition program has become financially prohibitive for us to continue. (By the way, we’re sad about it, too.)

Q – Can I continue to use my Bear Hugs after March 19, 2018?
A – Yes you can. View participating vendors:

Q – Can I redeem my Bear Hugs for cash?
A – No. Bear Hugs can only be used towards your purchase at one of the participating campus vendors. Please note: no change is given when redeemed.

Q – Tell me more about the monthly FastPay drawing.
A – Now through June 30, 2018, use your existing Bear Hugs at participating campus vendors for your chance to win a $20 FastPay gift card.
Simply write your E-mail address on the back of your Bear Hugs gift certificate before you redeem them at one of these participating vendors:
Five winners a month will be picked at random from now through June, 30, 2018.

Q – Now that Bear Hugs are no longer available, what can I give my staff to recognize their hard work?
A – You still have many ways to recognize your staff. • Purchase FastPay gift cards and various gift cards from UCSF Nutrition & Food Services. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the webpage for the order form:
• Recognize staff on the site (you must be logged in to
• You can also purchase “thank you” gifts from the Arts & Events Discounts Page:

Q – Where is FastPay accepted at UCSF?
A – For a list of merchants of vendors that currently accept FastPay, please visit:

Q – Where can I buy FastPay gift cards?
From UCSF Nutrition & Food Services. You can also find gift cards to various retailers. Please visit their site for more info and to view the order form:

Q – Can I purchase $5 FastPay gift cards?
A – No. FastPay gift cards are sold only in $20 increments. Dining Dollars can be purchased in increments of $5 for use at the Moffitt Cafe, Shorenstein Family Cafe, and the Mount Zion Café.

To learn more about the variety of gift cards available, please visit the UCSF Nutrition & Food Services site: