CLS People Month 2020

By Elicia Rozic on February 07, 2020

April Starts CLS People Season!

CLS People Month will now be CLS People Season! While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to postpone some planned events, we are offering as many as we can via Zoom as well as highlighting other online opportunities and certificates to continue to support and encourage CLS staff’s professional growth.

Download the Updated 2020 People Season calendar

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It’s important to take care and to spend some time on yourself, including your professional development! Watch the video, review the updated calendar, circle any activities that you would like to take part in, and RSVP to virtual events that interest you. We encourage you to work collaboratively with your supervisor to create a Career Development Plan to map out clear and concrete actions on how to reach your professional potential. (Already start an Employee Development Plan with your supervisor during Performance Evaluation season? Learn how to view it here).

We look forward during the next several months to continue offering development opportunities during People Season! Please find below (and on the calendar) a variety of virtual events and self-initiated activities staring in April to help you think about where you want to develop and grow, and plan for your future, both short- and long-term.

Wednesday, April 1
People Season is the perfect time to complete an online certificate such as the Staff Effectiveness Online Certificate, or if you are a manager, the Manager Effectiveness Online Certificate or UC People Management Series and Certificate. These are a set of e-courses aimed at enhancing professional effectiveness, and once you complete the courses, the certificate carries across all UC’s. 

Thursday, April 2
Logo of 50 years of Earth Day Climate ActionGet Certifiably SustainableLivingGreen Event Planner Certification Workshop
Get recognized for your commitment to sustainability in the workplace. By attending this workshop, you’ll be ready to host zero waste and energy efficient events when in-person meetings and events are back in effect. By getting LivingGreen certified, you’ll be aligned with UCSF’s zero waste and carbon neutrality goals and you’ll be invited to the Sustainability Award luncheon and recognized by the Chancellor for your efforts. Join the Office of Sustainability for this virtual event. Details: Zoom, 12noon-1pm. (Please RSVP.)
Watch the recorded session, “Get Certifiably Sustainable – LivingGreen Event Planner Certification Workshop”

Friday, April 3
Keeping compliant with mandatory trainings at UCSF helps ensure that all staff are equipped with the knowledge they need and that we are doing our best to mitigate risk for the University. Are you compliant? Log into UC Learning Center and click on the “Self” icon. Under “Development” and “Training Analysis”, look to see what trainings you need to take, if any. If you haven’t completed Cyber Fundamentals (an annual course) this year between January and March, please do so now. If you are due to take your Sexual Harassment Prevention training (every two years) anytime this year, please complete it in April-June. Questions? Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Monday, April 6
Wondering how to take the next step in your career? Check out the article, “6 Steps to Plan for Professional Growth” on UCNet.

Tuesday, April 7
Check out My UC Career to begin career discovery, strengthen your resume, practice interview skills, and more.

Wednesday, April 8
C-D-P, Easy as 1-2-3! – Career Development Plans Workshop Why do you need a CDP? How do you craft a CDP to convey how you want to grow professionally? Join presenters Cathleen Stugard, CLS Chief of Staff, and Shauna Strong, Associate Director, CLS Central Administration to find out!  Details: Zoom, at 12:15-1:30pm. (Please RSVP.)

Thursday, April 9
Start drafting your Career Development Plan and request a meeting with your supervisor to discuss.

Friday, April 10
Visit and explore Learning & Organization Development, whose purpose is to enhance the success of UCSF by supporting the growth and development of its most valuable resource – its people – and create a continuous learning environment. Identify some learning opportunities/courses that you would like to take part in.

Monday, April 13
Watch the webinar, “Learn How to Take Charge of your Success.”

Tuesday, April 14
Coaching for Career and Professional Development Would you like a chance to connect with our CLS Great People Development Manager & professional coach and talk about your career, professional development, or networking opportunities? Feel free to email Elicia at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to request a coaching session! This is a brand new offering being piloted by CLS Development & Training; limited openings are available, don’t miss your chance!

Wednesday, April 15
Talent Acquisition Workshops. The Talent Acquisition (TA) team offers a yearlong series to provide job seekers with best practices, advice and insights on finding a new role, and hiring managers with tips and tools to find the ideal candidate. Each quarter, TA will offer a different workshop aimed at a successful talent match journey. Mark your calendar for June’s Resume and Cover Letter Writing workshop! Want to view resume resources in the meantime? Check out My UC Career.

Thursday, April 16
LinkedIn is a powerful networking and career building tool, but with so many features and options, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this video hosted by the UC Alumni Career Network, Executive Coach Robin Reshwan shares tangible tips to help you unlock the full potential of LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to grow your network, identify your next job, or share your expertise on a topic you’re passionate about, this session will help you maximize your use of LinkedIn and its many tools. Watch video

Friday, April 17
What’s your path? Check out the Leadership Development Road Map for course/resource recommendations for all roles.

Monday, April 20
Access thousands of online courses via Skillsoft, or sign up for a free trial of LinkedIn Learning or The Great Courses Plus.

Watch “My Career Journey at UCSF,” a talk given by LaMisha Hill, PhD, Director of Multicultural Affairs for the Office of Diversity and Outreach.

Tuesday, April 21
Although its stated audience is alumni, the UC Alumni Career Network is a can’t-miss resource for all members of our university community. In fact, more than 25% of its current audience are UC faculty and staff! From leveraging your UC network to LGBTQ @Work to careers at UC, this episode-based webinar series presents real-world, UC-centric career advice.

Wednesday, April 22
People with high emotional intelligence (EI) have strong professional relationships, manage difficult situations well, and are likely to be resilient in situations of adversity. Take an emotional intelligence quiz to find out – how emotionally intelligent are you?

Write in your gratitude journal, or start one today. You can also start a gratitude jar. Once a week, write down three things for which you are grateful. Then, on a bad day or when you are facing challenges in life, pull out your jar or journal and read through it. Your jar or journal is also a great way to celebrate the end of the year, as gratitude has been shown to have positive effects on our resilience and happiness!

Thursday, April 23
Building Leadership Skills Through Sustainability Logo of 50 years of Earth Day Climate Action
Think globally, act locally. Learn how to enhance your leadership skills through championing sustainability in your workplace! In this interactive workshop, you will learn about how LivingGreen certification can boost your workplace recognition, hone your abilities to propose successful initiatives, and provide a method of quantifying your impact. By the end, you will leave with concrete examples of simple, effective changes you can make today. This workshop is led by the Office of Sustainability. Details: Zoom, at 12noon - 1:00pm. (Please RSVP.)

Friday, April 24
Get AMPed! – Intro to Administrative Management Professionals
Ever wondered about AMP? Ever heard of ABOG? Learn about the group and about their mentorship program in this short online live webinar. You can also attend this event in person! We will be raffling off 3 AMP memberships to anyone who attends the event virtually or in-person. Details: Zoom, at 12noon - 12:30pm. (Please RSVP.)

Monday, April 27
How difficult conversations create growth, A TED Talk. Watch the video on your own time, which focuses on how to receive feedback and use it to fuel your growth.

Tuesday, April 28
Have you recognized someone lately? UCSF Recognize is an organization-wide recognition platform that allows us to thank one other and acknowledge a job well done. Recognition helps build positive relationships, encourages collaboration, and fosters teamwork. Give thanks to a coworker today!

Wednesday, April 29
Do you want to finish your degree, go back to school, or take a course to grow professionally? The Campus Life Services Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) provides financial assistance for the professional and career development of CLS’s career employees who meet the eligibility requirements. Employees may apply for financial assistance to pursue undergraduate or graduate degree programs or courses at an accredited college or university and may receive up to a maximum of $200 per unit/credit, with an annual limit of $2,500 per fiscal year.

Thursday, April 30
Try a short guided meditation, or if you would like to do a silent meditation, sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Breathe regularly and focus on your in-breaths and out-breaths. When thoughts enter your mind, gently push them away. Try meditating for just 5 minutes to start. If this seems hard at first, try it again tomorrow! Meditation can increase self-awareness, improve concentration, reduce stress and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Questions? Please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions.