City CarShare

When you need more than a shuttle ride or bicycle, our partnership with City CarShare helps the UCSF community get mobilized—at a discount. With pod site locations on campus and throughout the Bay Area, City CarShare vehicles put you in the driver’s seat.

Two membership types are available, at a savings exclusive to UCSF. Both memberships include premium insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and gas—at no additional cost.

Departmental Membership (Billed to UCSF)
Teams with staff that need access to a car for work-related purposes can create a department account. Pay no application fee and receive reduced rates.

  • Membership: $25.00/year per department and $25.00/year per employee driver
  • Daytime Driving: $5.50-$8.50/hour + 35¢/mile
  • Night Owl (12:00-8:00 am): $1.50/hour + 35¢/mile

  • Personal Membership (Billed to You)
    For staff and students who need access to car for personal use, City CarShare makes it easy to get to where you need to go. Plus, no application fee and discounted rates.

  • Membership: $25.00/year
  • Daytime Driving: $5.00-$9.00/hour + 35¢/mile
  • Night Owl (12:00-8:00 am): $1.00-$4.00/hour + 35¢/mile
  • Day Trips: $48.00-$70.00/day + 10¢/mile (24 hour periods, up to 200 miles)

  • Ready to sign-up? Enroll directly on the City CarShare website.

    Need additional information? Read through the FAQs, or contact us

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does it work?
    With the UCSF City CarShare program, you can choose to have a personal account, or a departmental account, or BOTH. Borrowing a car for personal use will be charged to an individual member’s credit card. Car use for work-related purposes is charged to the driver’s UCSF departmental account.

    Where are the cars?
    City CarShare has pod sites throughout the Bay Area, with vehicles located conveniently located on UCSF campuses: Laurel Heights, Mission Bay, Mission Center Building, Mount Zion, Parnassus, and San Francisco General Hospital.

    Who is eligible for an individual UCSF City CarShare membership?
    Any UCSF employee or full-time UCSF student may join the UCSF City CarShare program. Spouses, roommates, or significant others may be added to your personal account to form a household account. Each person on the household account will get their own electronic key and login information. You will receive one bill, and all members of the household account will be charged the $25 annual membership fee.
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    How can a department apply for the UCSF City CarShare program?
    Management must create a department account or fill out the departmental application form on the City CarShare website.

    Am I allowed to join even though my department has not?
    Yes, you may sign up for a personal account at any time. Your department may also set up a departmental account at any time.

    What about parking?
    You are responsible for finding your own parking while using a City CarShare vehicle. If you park a UCSF-based City CarShare vehicle at a UCSF facility, parking is free of charge (park anywhere in the Permit Parking area) ***Please park in the lot located at Bush/Scott when parking at the Mt. Zion campus. At the end of a reservation period, simply return the City CarShare car to its original assigned and reserved parking spot.
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    Does it matter where I return a City CarShare car?
    Yes. Drivers must always return the car to its original location at the end of the reservation period.

    What if I need a car for a longer time?
    City CarShare has partnered with City Rent-A-Car to provide members with cars for longer trips. City Rent-A-Car is a family run business with two locations in San Francisco.

    To reserve a car, call City Rent-A-Car directly at 415.359.1331, or visit them online. Mention your City CarShare membership to receive better rates.

    DO NOT DECLINE INSURANCE. Please accept any insurance options because you are not covered by UCSF or City CarShare insurance when you drive other cars.
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    I am an existing member of City CarShare. Can I join the UCSF City CarShare program?
    Yes. If you already have a City CarShare account, you can switch to the UCSF program anytime. Simply contact City CarShare member services: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    Once a UCSF City CarShare account is established, your original City CarShare deposit will be refunded to you as a credit on your City CarShare bill. If you’re signing up for both a personal and departmental account, one key fob and login will work for both accounts. Just choose the account you want to use upon login.

    How can I reduce my insurance deductable?
    Use City CarShare’s Buck-to-Deduct. The vast majority of members have never had an accident. But just in case, City CarShare provides the highest level of insurance in the industry at $1,000,000 per incident. You’re only responsible for a $500 deductible. The Buck to Deduct option lets you reduce that deductible to $50 for just $1/hour, not to exceed $6/trip no matter how many hours you keep the car. City CarShare will ask you whether you want to “Buck to Deduct” every time you reserve a car, so you only pay for this option when you want it.
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