What is Pcounter?

Pcounter is software used at UC Hastings to manage photocopying and printing on the new Xerox Multi-Function Printers (MFP) around the College. Photo of Multi Function Device

All students get Pcounter access automatically when they are registered for an email account and receive their UC Hastings ID Badge. You can top this up with cash at the Business Center or using a debit/credit card online. You can print/copy as long as your UC Hastings Web Pay account is in credit.

Using Pcounter to Print or Copy

Please download this helpful info sheet to learn how to start Printing or Copying at UC Hastings

Pcounter Info


As long as you have available credit in your account and you are using a Xerox MFP connected to the Pcounter network, you can work and print anywhere.

Print Double-Sided

Please help conserve essential resources and use the duplexing function whenever possible.

How to Print Double-Sided


If you want to photocopy, you need your UC Hastings ID Badge which will be provided. You'll need your registered email account to link your UC Hastings ID Badge to your Pcounter Account, and you must have credit in your account to use it.

Use the links on the left to find out how to start printing/photocopying and learn more about Pcounter.

NEW Multi Function Printers

New Xerox Multi Function Printers have arrived to UC Hastings, and are in various locations around the College. You can use them for printing and photocopying, and they have loads of extra features.

You can:

  • Print or copy double-sided
  • Print multiple copies, collate and staple them all in one go

IMPORTANT: The old NewCal equipment that used copy cards has been phased out, so if you still have an old copy card you'll need to transfer the credits to your new account at the Business Center.