Les Mills GRIT® Classes

High intensity Interval Training takes your fitness to new levels. Get the power of personal training with the motivation of a team in 30 minutes.

GRIT® Strength
Blasts all major muscle groups to build strength and lean muscle.

GRIT® Plyo
Get tough. Get fit. The explosive jumps and cutting-edge agility moves in this 30-minute plyometric-based workout builds a powerful, athletic body. (Not recommended for beginners.)

GRIT® Cardio
Maximize your calorie burn with an intense 30-minute workout that combines cardio and body-weight exercises to get you in shape faster. (Not recommended for beginners.)

Reserve your spot in a class by phone, in-person, or online.
Mission Bay: 415.514.4545 or Parnassus: 415.476.1115