Cardio Classes

• Weight loss
• Increases stamina: stronger heart and lungs
• Increases bone density
• Reduces stress
• Reduces risk of heart disease
• Increases confidence
• Improves sleep
• Increases energy

BODYSTEP™ Parnassus only
An athletic, energizing workout using a height-adjustable platform, creative yet simple choreography, and uplifting music. Push fat-burning systems into high gear, then shape and tone through strength conditioning. 

Ride to the rhythm of powerful music, take on the terrain, tackle hills, flats, mountain peaks, and time trials to build mental and physical strength. Get in gear with the various Spinning Energy Zones™ (Interval, Endurance, Strength, Recovery, and Race Day).

Spin®45 Mission Bay only
An exhilarating 45 minute all terrain ride that includes interval training, climbing hills, sprints, and flats.

Reserve your spot in a class by phone, in-person, or online.
Mission Bay: 415.514.4545 or Parnassus: 415.476.1115