Child Care Referral Service

Child Care Referral Service

Our referral program is designed to assist UCSF staff, faculty, and students.

When space at one of our centers is unavailable, or our programs are not suitable for your child, we can help you find a placement to serve your needs. Our experienced counselor will guide you through the often challenging and time-consuming process of finding quality child care, and will help you discover available options.

We provide referrals to licensed family child care homes and child care centers in addition to information about after-school and summer programs and other related family services. The Referral Service also maintains a bulletin board of advertised nannies and sitters.

Pauline Lee, Child Care Referral Service Coordinator
phone: 415.476.2692

e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The Referral Service is generally available on Monday and Tuesday and in the morning on Friday.

Introduction to Care Options

New to child care? To help you get started, below is a very brief overview of licensed and license-exempt care. If you have questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact the UCSF Child Care Referral Service.

Families interested in using licensed care have two options: licensed centers and licensed family child care homes. Child care centers are usually in commercial buildings although they may also be located within schools/universities and religious institutions. Center staff must have TB clearance and criminal record clearance in addition to meeting state requirements regarding training, supervision and education. Licensed capacity is determined by a facility’s amount of indoor and outdoor space in addition to other variables.

In family child care, care takes place in the licensee’s home. According to California law, individuals who provide care in their home and care for the children of more than one family (in addition, if applicable, to the children in their own family) must have a family child care license; otherwise, they are operating illegally. Licensing requirements include TB clearance and criminal record clearance for all adults living and/or working in the home in addition to health and safety training, such as pediatric CPR and pediatric First Aid, for the licensee. Family child care homes are licensed to serve either 6-8 or 12-14 children and, at each capacity, there are restrictions as to the number of infants (children under 24 months old) that may be in care at the same time.

Individuals who provide care in their own home and care for the children of just one family (in addition, if applicable, to the children in their own family) are license-exempt. Nannies - caregivers working in the child’s home on a regular basis - are another type of license-exempt caregiver. In the case of nannies, the parent/guardian of the child in care is usually considered the employer and, therefore, the parent/guardian is responsible for supervision, working conditions, employer-related taxes, etc.

To learn more, please contact the UCSF Child Care Referral Service.