About Campus Life Services

Our motto in Campus Life Services (CLS) is to “make life better here” for those who work, learn, teach, discover, and visit UCSF.  We consider ourselves first and foremost a customer service division, providing needed services on all UCSF campus sites and delivering these services with PRIDE.  As does all of UCSF, CLS embraces the University’s PRIDE values and we sincerely hope that you always experience the CLS team working on your behalf with Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence.

Our Departments:

CLS is comprised of auxiliary and facility departments.

Auxiliary departments generate revenue to offset all or most expenses and include: Arts & Events, Documents & Media, Family Services, Fitness & Recreation, Housing Services, Retail Services, Conference Services, Transportation Services, and Living Well.

Facilities Services is funded by core, state, and recharge revenue and includes building maintenance, locks, keys & security, custodial services, recycling & waste, landscaping & pest control, and utilities and infrastructure.

Our People:
Collectively, 700 FTEs work in CLS, 420 FTEs in CLS Auxiliary departments and 280 FTEs in CLS Facilities Services. 

Among the many specialists in CLS are arborists, bus drivers, cooks, designers, engineers, lifeguards, painters, photographers, plumbers, public health professionals, event producers, and yoga instructors – just to name a few.

Our Goals:
Our efforts to continuously improve are evident in the ambitious goals that we set for ourselves. We’ve posted our goals for the current fiscal year below and update them quarterly so you can watch our progress.  Converting to electric buses, improving the quality of drinking water, breaking ground on a new housing development, launching Great People, Great Place initiatives, and opening a new and expanded childcare facility are among our most noteworthy goals.

CLS FY 2017/18 Goals (Updated May 2018)
CLS FY 2016/17 Completed Goals

Our Budgets:
In FY 2017/18, expense budgets for CLS auxiliary departments total $95.6M; expense budgets for CLS Facilities & Utilities Services total $106M.  As shown in the details (click on link below), payroll represents the single largest expense for both divisions.

CLS FY 2017/18 Budgets
CLS FY 2016/17 Budgets