Passion, Performance, Culture - Using the Arts to Inspire Creativity

Published on September 11, 2015

Arts & Events provides essential support to numerous art groups at UCSF, such as the Gospel Choir and Visual Arts Club. These performance art groups build community and create an opportunity to develop the passion of our staff and students outside of classrooms and labs.

This year, Arts & Events produced 50 art and music activities for the UCSF community. Fifty! Art events included:
• Faculty and Staff Art Show
• Pop-Up Art Sales at Mission Bay and Laurel Heights
• Featured artists at Carmelina’s at the Mission Center Building
• Mission Bay Block Party Chalk Art Contest

Concerts featured a variety of musical genres including the Chancellor’s Concert Series, Music in the Library, and opera.

More than 17,000 faculty, staff, and students participated in and attended these events. What do they mean to our employees? We’ll let Al Conde, Computer Facilities Manager, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, sum it up. “One of the perks of being part of the UCSF community is having access to the many services provided by Arts & Events. Whether it’s a noontime concert, discount tickets or an art show, I can always count on the group to provide events that make UCSF a great place to work and play.”